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2010 Aug 24
July 19th 2015
At the beach

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We wanted to escape the scorching heat of Portland (it once again was close to 100F / 38°C here) and decided to go hiking at the beach. Turns out we overcompensated a wee little bit… 58F / 14°C was less than we were hoping for…
But we had a blast.

happy cousins

family picture (H2 on the left)

pardon the stray grass across the lens

July 4th 2015
A Walk in the Park

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Nico is here. Everyone is so happy…

He gets to do extra strength training here.

strength training

added challenge

Given the heat the park (and the creek running through the park) were perfect.

looking good

playing by the water

walking away

March 20th 2015
Something is different…

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So who can tell me who is who?

girls and glasses

girls and glasses

December 13th 2014

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It had to happen. At some point we’d no longer have both of them do everything together. Because of a schedule conflict with H2’s tutoring, only S2 is doing basketball. And today was their first set of three games. The team played well, won one and lost two, but everyone seemed very excited and happy. Which is what matters the most.

S2 in action
S2 in action

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