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September 7th 2014
On the beach

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If you don’t live in Portland it may be hard to explain why people go to the beach when it’s 68°F (20°C) with not a lot of sunshine and wate temperatures way below even remotely pleasant… But at least to some people here that appears to make sense. So we took Ben to the beach…

The kids had fun, and so did K2 and I.

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September 7th 2014
First week of school

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4th grade is here. And I’m a bit late posting the “First day of school” picture. But things have been busy around here…

The girls seem very happy with school – what a huge contrast to the beginning of school last year.

H2 and S2 before driving to school

Oh, those cute ponchos? K2 made those…

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August 23rd 2014
Ninth Famiversary

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I’m running out of new things to say here.

Nine years. I can’t even remember life before the girls. The China trip a few weeks ago really brought this home. We are So. Incredibly. Lucky.

As I mentioned before – we don’t have the first Famiversary on this blog. But here are the others:

The second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth Famiversary.

H2 and S2

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July 31st 2014
New jewlery

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I’ll admit, I think that’s adorable…

S2 and H2Twin Sisters

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