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July 31st 2004
Lindy Hop

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So we’re at Camp Hollywood this weekend. It’s the end of the second day, we had eight classes so far and most everything hurts. My feet, my legs, my shoulders, my neck.

Man, is this fun!!! I love it. I learned a lot, I danced a lot, and another day is yet to come. And even though I have a “stolen” wireless connection from the hotel next door (we’re at the Marriott at LAX, which doesn’t have wireless, but the Four Points next door does, and from our room we can use theirs…), I won’t write much more… I need to rest :-)

July 29th 2004
Wise people

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The Dyson family is full of smart minds. At his OSCON keynote, Freeman Dyson was asked “What are your thoughts on the end of the universe?” His response: “it is not looking good”.

I wish more people were as smart…

July 28th 2004

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Good, right? Well. That assumes that it doesn’t burn all the skin from your lips, tongue and every surface it touches…

I understand this is a cultural issue. Americans (in general, there are exceptions) appear to like their coffee at about 180 degrees. For the Germans: that’s way the F… too hot – around 83° C. And when you go to Starbucks and forget to ask for your Latte ‘lukewarm’, you’re likely to get it at 160+ degrees. With the obvious painful consequences.

Today I went there and asked for my Latte ‘not too hot’. What I received appeared warm enough to set paper on fire. I may exaggerate, but you get the picture.

What’s wrong with these people? Cold drinks are two degrees above freezing, hot drinks are close to cooking. Can we have some moderation please? And if that’s too hard, can I have my diet Coke without ice, and the ice cubes in my Latte instead?

July 28th 2004

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The O’Reilly Open Source Convention is in town. Great fun. And they have a wireless network here, so I can blog from the conference floor! I can’t get to Intel’s VPN (that port seems to be blocked) so I can’t read work email. Too bad :-)

The day started with two really cool keynotes (Tim O’Reilly and then Rob Lefkowitz). Loads of fun. And now Tim, Eric Raymond and Simon Phillips from Sun discuss about open-sourcing Java… :-)

The thing that really ticks me off, though, is that there are at least three other talks in parallel to this that I’d just LOVE to attend… grrrr…

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