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August 23rd 2004
Vacation warning

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This blog will be quiet the next couple of weeks… K2 and I will be on our long-awaited trip to Europe. 6 days in Paris, then six days in Germany, visiting family and friends.

I’ll be back!

August 22nd 2004

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I can’t believe it… while sitting at Grama Lucy’s and enjoying our breakfast I took a look at the Oregonian… and there’s an article about my hometown Schweinfurt!

Admitted, it’s about the fact that the Bush government announced to withdraw 70,000 troops from western Europe and describes the consequences of that based on the example of Schweinfurt, which currently is home to about 55,000 Germans and 12,000 US soldiers, family and private contractors.

Still, I was amazed :-)

August 18th 2004
The Olympics are happening in Athens, I think…

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Media coverage here in the US has changed dramatically from what I experienced 8 years ago… this time the broadcasts actually seem to deal with sports events and competitions, the personal interest stories are brief, seem relevant and actually interesting / touching / uplifting. None of the “exclusive interview with the cousin of the cleaning lady of the US athlete who will compete in this evening’s event” that I wondered about in ’96…

And with 1200 hours of coverage (yes, the equivalent of 50 days and nights for a 17 day event) every sport is covered, even the ones less popular here in the US. Kind of cool (and I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t really watched much of that… I still find it good, though).

I find myself enjoying this – and I was so prepared to be a snob and complain and everything. I almost feel cheated :-)

August 17th 2004
For non-Geeks

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A complaint was registered that this blog is to geek-ish. I will therefore from now on try to address non-geek interests as well.

How about a link to Martha Stewart’s home page, which apparently is not hosted from a jail, yet.

Or what about a discussion of the latest and greatest movies – not that I have seen many new movies lately, but IMDB, the Internet Movie Data Base, is always available to give you enough information to at least pretend to be informed… (of course, K2’s friends are just way too movie-geek for me… the other day at dinner there was an interesting back-and-forth conversation covering at least 20 “really great – I’m sure you have seen…” movies – none of which I even ever heard of… but I digress).

Or how about more links about Lindy Hop? Or is that too “geek”, too? How about discussions of the kitchen remodel, the adoption process, or Reggie’s latest success stories from obedience class?

I’ll work on it :-)

Uh-uh-uh… I found one!!!

Check out this hilarious (or scary) site on suggested names for babies. Good thing something like this can’t happen in Germany. There are very strict rules about the types of names you can give to children. And it’s very straight forward. This helpful commentary explains the law on 770 easy to digest pages… written by (I am not making this up)

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dieter Henrich, Universit├Ąt Regensburg,
Prof. Dr. Thomas Wagenitz, Richter am Bundesgerichtshof, Karlsruhe,
Heinrich Bornhofen, Oberregierungsrat im Bundesministerium des Innern

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