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October 31st 2004
Happy Halloween!

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K2 and I did the Run Like Hell 5k this morning. And I’m proud to say that I broke my personal record – 27:27. Getting there :-)

What was fun about the race was that lots of people came in costume. Superman, Spiderman, Pac-Man (no kidding – in a huge cardboard costume… not really running), 6 guys in short black dresses, belly dancers, fairies, bees, prisoners, a shark that had just eaten a runner (the person inside the costume had running shoes on his hands and his arms were sticking out (as legs) from the mouth of the shark)… lots of fun.

I admit, we were boring and weren’t dressed up. Maybe next year :-)

October 28th 2004
What is it with these marathons…?

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So a few weeks ago I was in Berlin at OOoCon – and the Sunday after the conference was the Berlin Marathon (no, I didn’t run it – I’m not in shape – but I noticed…). Now I’m in Frankfurt this week for LinuxWorld and lo and behold, on Sunday there’s the Frankfurt EurocityMarathon. Weird. :-)

October 21st 2004
Time flies

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I can’t believe it’s two weeks since I last blogged. Wow.

Since then I’ve been in Las Vegas (for our first anniversary – here time flies, too… ONE YEAR already???). And in California (visiting Intel and others). And in Boston (OSDL meeting).

And have started working with Coach Bob (way cool). With the result of running a lot slower again at much saner heart rates. Which (together with smarter eating) has helped me lose the first three pounds.

The remodel is still a constant source of insanity. But at least now we have the French doors installed and the structural work has passed inspection.

All in all? Life is good!

October 7th 2004
Coach Bob

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So my lovely wife once again has amazed me with a birthday present. She’s good at that. Trust me. But this time she has out-done herself.

My present is a personal running trainer. And not just “some trainer”. A world famous trainer here in Oregon, who among others coaches the Team Oregon at Nike.

I met him for the first time tonight (at Starbucks – who needs an office, when there’s Starbucks everywhere… you even have wireless email!). We discussed some of the obvious (yet painful) truths (like: YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! — but he said it much nicer and as part of the training plan). But he’s motivating, smart, and said all the right things. I was truly impressed.

Now next week he wants to see me run and then we’ll talk about a training program. The first meeting was a “get to know each other” and “talk about some goals” meeting. I’m not sure I’m quite ready yet to post my “real” goals on my blog… let’s see what he says after he’s seen me run… :-)

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