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November 29th 2004
Getting closer and closer…

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So now we have the floors all done. The cabinets are done. The plumber is here right now connecting things to water and gas. The electrician is coming tomorrow and the backsplash and tile around the fireplace should be set on Wednesday… at which point we hope that we’ll already be able to use the kitchen!

And yes, I know. I need to post pictures…

November 28th 2004
So how come some contractors are just such a pain?

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We have lots of great contractors we work with on our remodel. Wade Philips and Steve Godish are just amazing. I can only recommend them (and will put pictures online once we are really done to prove this). Lots of others did really good work. Actually, so far, all of them have done good work. Even the workers from Union Floor. But the company itself has been nothing than a PAIN.

Can you believe that one of their staff (apparently the husband of the daughter of the owner) yelled at K2 and threatened her at the phone? And has sent a note claiming that they have layed 315sqft of wood floor – on an area that was measured by two different people to be 247sqft? They have lied about the time it wood take to do the job, about the reasons for why they were late, about more or less every aspect of the process.


But hey, we’re happy to tell all our friends to use Sublime Design or Restauration Enterprises (Steve’s and Wade’s companies, respectively) and to tell them at the same time never ever to even think about using Union Floor in Portland. It’s pretty easy.

And if those of you with web pages wouldn’t mind putting a link to this entry of my blog called “Union Floor”, then our good friends at Google will soon show this little comment to more people interested in working with the folks at Union Floor…

Ah, the Internet. It’s a beautiful thing.

November 20th 2004
Kitchen update

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So the remodel is running late and above budget. No one is surprised. But the cabinets are in (man they are so beautiful – Sublime Design… if you are remodeling a kitchen in the Portland area, talk to Steve…). The tile floor is done, the wood floor should be finished next week, the appliances should show up right after Thanksgiving and then we can start using the kitchen. Only about five weeks later than we thought. Of course painting, back-splash and a few other details will still have to happen in December, but we’ll mostly have our live back. Hooray!

November 20th 2004
I can’t believe I haven’t written a thing in more than two weeks

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Well, it might have to do with having been on 12 flights and having visited 6 countries the past two weeks. Germany (for a full 12 hours!), The Netherlands, France, Ireland, the UK and finally Brazil (which, strangely enough, had by far the worst weather).

I hope I’m done with traveling for this year (except a little quick hop to Santa Clara on 12/1 and a weekend for breathing Christmas spirit in Vancouver, B.C., in mid December) :-)

At least I should be done with over-night travel without K2. That’s a good thing.

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