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December 26th 2004
Did I mention the “second holiday”?

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Here’s another major difference around Christmas. In Germany there’s “Weihnachten” (which tends to be a half day off for most people), and then there are two holidays (“Feiertage”), the 25th and the 26th. So this year is one of the rare ones were most people in the US had more days off than their German friends. Since in the US days “off” move when a holiday is on a weekend, the 24th was off for us (moved from the 25th, a Saturday). And the 25th and 26th are a weekend, so… poor Germans, happy Americans… this year the Germans have only 5 more holidays than we have (Oct 3rd was a Sunday this year, too). :-)

December 25th 2004

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Traditions are a funny thing. For example, in Germany, Weihnachten (when you get your gifts) is the evening of the 24th. In the US, Christmas (when you get your gifts) in most families seems to be on the morning of the 25th.

Being the mature adults that we are, K2 and I of course immediately came up with a rational solution. We have gifts twice, once in the evening, once in the morning. I love having a multi-cultural family :-)

Frohe Weihnachten!

December 24th 2004

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I have been promising pictures of the remodel for a while now, haven’t I? Well, instead of doing them myself, I found a much better solution!

I bullied K2, … I mean… I convinced my wonderful loving wife that she really should go back and write her blog again (which given the insanity of the remodel, she wasn’t really in a mood for the last few months)… And look, Honey, here are some pictures I took of the kitchen…

I was very subtle (Deutsch: subtil)… she hardly noticed that I influenced her (and that roaring laughter that you can still hear, that’s her, when she reads this…)

Here’s what she wrote… as a permanent link (so right now, both this one and the link above will show the same pictures, but once she adds more to her blog again, this one will still work… smart, huh?). She’s so brilliant. And so eloquent. I’m the luckiest man alive…

December 24th 2004

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Caught a cold. Most likely on the trip to Vancouver. Them Canadians…

Anyway, no running, and not really feeling great for Christmas. Oh well. I’ll be better, soon.

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