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January 30th 2005
Warm! Sunshine!

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Obviously I’m not talking about Portland, right?

I’m in Anaheim, but not to pay homage to Disney. It’s Intel’s Sales and Marketing Conference. A few thousand sales people, brought together once a year to… not sure, one of the things sales people do, I guess.

Last year’s experience says that it will be ‘fun’ at some level, and on many others it will reinforce the knowledge that there are two types of people. Sales people and then the rest of us.

But hey, the hotel is a dump, and I have been sitting here for the mandatory meeting with nothing to do whatsoever… and for this I got up at 5am this morning…

January 25th 2005
Browser Wars (repeat)

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So Google has hired one of the key Firefox developers… how interesting…

I have been using Firefox for 90% of my web browsing for a while now (the exception being some broken sites that assume that you are on Internet Exploder or even force you to use Internet Exploder). But unfortunately it seems that very few people visiting this site use Firefox… most accesses (except for the search engines), still come from ie-6.

Shame on you!

January 23rd 2005

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So at this point, about two thirds of the traffic to this site is created by crawlers (the little automated web searchers that fill the data bases of the search engines). I wonder if this is normal :-) — realistically, I guess it means that not too many “real” visitors come and read the site. Oh well, that’s ok. There seem to be some, and for several I don’t know who they are (as the IP addresses in the log files don’t seem to give that away)…

And of course I still get quite some traffic about the Helvetia and Sauvie Island races… thanks to the search engines, crawling away :-)

January 22nd 2005

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I just love the neighborhood we live in. Grace just came over. To thank us for how well we trimmed the trees that were beginning to block our view. She’s such a nice lady.

And Jackie and Brian (and their kids) are very nice, too. We got lucky, I guess.

The other major advantage is the ability to walk into “The Village” and have a coffee or buy books… I bought a complete bound set of the Captain Aubrey books from Patrick O’Brian

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