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February 8th 2005
So what is a good age to start driving?

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In Germany it’s 18 – and most of these kids are scaring me. Here in Oregon it’s 16. In rural Texas you could get a permit with 14 when I lived there ten years ago. Oh my God.

But hey, maybe I’m too critical. According to this story in the New York Post, a four year old did just fine driving his mom’s car to the video game store in the middle of the night. Ok, he hit a few cars trying to park on the way back home, but I’ve seen adult drivers do the same…

February 6th 2005
A bread box

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What a neat thing. With a bread cutting board on the inside of the the door… kind of like this one, but a little nicer. K2 came home with it today – yet another sign that she loves me, I guess. Her bread is delicious, and now it has an adequate place to be kept :-)

February 5th 2005

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Side note for the American readers… don’t worry, I’m ok, it’s a metric thing. It means that I weigh less than a hundred kilograms (220.4 US pounds)…

This is the first time since I was a freshman in college that I got back into double digits… needless to say, I am REALLY pleased. Did I mention pleased? Ok, just checking.

I got the “gift of Bob” for my birthday in October and have been working with him since mid October. In the three and a half months since then I lost 28 pounds (and a couple of clothes sizes). That makes me very happy.


February 4th 2005
Don’t you let them see that iPod

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Working at Intel, I don’t think I’d bring K2’s Apple PowerBook to work – at least not without a good reason. I guess it’s understandable then, that Microsoft allegedly is frowning about employees who use iPods, instead of the competing products that actually use Microsoft’s media format… if only those other players were even HALF as cool as those iPods, I guess… :-)