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April 18th 2005
So it was time to run a race again…

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I never did the Race for the Roses in Portland before. In previous years mid April was WAY too early to run a half marathon. But this year I felt that I was in shape. Except of course for being rather sick two weeks ago and losing a week of training and lots of fluids (you don’t want to know…)

Anyway, enough excuses. Actually, there’s one more. The weather. Low 40s (5 or 6 degrees Celsius), rain, a bit of hail, and a strong head-wind on the last three miles.

So, that should do it. :-)

I had a great race, broke my PR with a 2:02:09. And if I wasn’t such a moron I might have broken the 2:02… but the finish of the race is right after a 90 degree right turn. And right before that turn there was a timing mat and a photographer… and so I stopped running after crossing that timing mat. But of course, that was only designed to allow the announcer to read off the names of the runners as they come in (as the timing chip links to your race entry). I don’t think I really lost nine seconds there (more like two or three), but still. I was really unhappy with the design. Put a sign there that says “THIS IS NOT THE FINISH — THE FINISH IS IN 50 YARDS AROUND THE CORNER!!!”. That might have helped morons like me. Needless to say, when I waited for Angela and her sister to run in, I saw two other runners making the same mistake (and of course I yelled “KEEP GOING – THIS IS NOT THE FINISH” to them)

Long story short. I improved my PR by seven minutes and eighteen seconds. I am VERY pleased :-)

April 11th 2005
I love good advertizing

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Ok, I’ll admit it. Sometimes the ReplayTV with it’s wonderful AddSkip feature is making you miss out on the best part of modern TV. The ads.

I don’t know if this one ever ran on TV, but it must be one of the best ads I’ve ever seen. The fact that I’m very much anti-smoking of course helps me see the humor :-)


April 7th 2005

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After canceling the planned trip to Asia (oh well), I got a chance to go to OSBC in San Francisco instead. Good thing, to be honest. Lots of really interesting talks (Lawrence Lessig, of course, but also Kim Polese or R0ml). And plenty of opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.

And since no “business meetings” had been arranged, this was a conference like I used to enjoy them. Gooooood.