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June 29th 2005
As good as it gets…

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We talked to Dr. Bledsoe from the University of Washington Center for Adoption Medicine today. She reviewed the medical information that we have on the two. And was very impressed. Wonderful birthweight, wonderful “growth-velocity”, no signs of any issues besides a mild anemia…

To quote her: “their health is as good as it gets”.

We are two very happy people…

June 29th 2005
Life is a roller-coaster…

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K2’s dad is dying. And at the same time we get the referral. I guess we experience the whole circle of life in a very short time.

But focusing on the good news for a second… we have some pictures of the girls!

S2 Irmgard Jixiang is in this first set:

first picture of S2 second picture of S2 third picture of S2

And this is H2 Jeanne Ruyi.

first picture of H2 second picture of H2 third picture of H2

We can’t wait to meet them…

And no, I cannot possibly begin to even try to explain why they both are sitting next to what appears to be Tux in the middle picture…

June 26th 2005
I’m still stunned

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So now I’ve had a few hours to digest the news. And it hasn’t become any less stunning. I keep oscillating between elated with happiness and scared out of my mind. And the helpful comments from friends don’t always help. Like Lisa tonight “sleep now – you won’t sleep again for years!”. Wow. That’s really… great…

Anyway, I’m back in Portland, rather tired (I’ve been up for 25 hours by now) and happy to be with my loved-one – this cell phone bill will be scary… working through the news at a dollar a minute might turn out to be expensive. It’s much easier when you are in the same room…

June 24th 2005

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It’s almost 1am, I’m in Germany (for LinuxTag), and K2 just called me and asked if I was sitting down. Technically, I was laying down, but let’s not get distracted here.

Our referral is in. To quote K2: “Our daughter was born on November 4th, 2004. And so was her twin.” (BTW, that’s a day after K2’s birthday).

I’m speechless. And I have a headache. And I doubt I’ll be able to go back to sleep – and I’m supposed to give a presentation tomorrow.

Oh well. This is more important…

Their names will be S2 Irmgard and H2 Jeanne.

Once I feel more coherent, I’ll post more.

short update

Their Chinese names are Tian Ji Xiang and Tian Ru Yi. In Chinese the last name comes first (that’s related to the orphanage here). Ji Xiang means lucky. Ru Yi means “as your heart-mind wishes”. And together the two words mean something like “extra good luck”. All this is from a quick look through my online Chinese tools. I need to get a native speaker to confirm…

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