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July 31st 2005
Rug Doctor

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That’s the brand name of the carpet steaming / cleaning tool that I used the last two days on all (and I mean all) the carpet upstairs (well, except the new carpet in the girls’ room). My back hurts. Moving the furniture, vacuuming, then using the Rug Doctor. I even did the stairs!

But it smells nice now. And judging by the color of the water that the machine collected – this wasn’t a bad idea at all…

Maybe this will even help K2 to be less congested and to sleep better. That would be a plus!

July 30th 2005
Frantic activity

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Wow. Two more weeks till Mutti is here – and a million things we need to get done. K2 has a list that’s two pages long. Right now I am assembling the new bookcases that we got for K2’s office (also, at times, called the cats’ room, or the junk room…). So yesterday evening we emptied the old bookcases, took them and everything else out of the room, rented a steam carpet cleaner, cleaned the carpet. This morning I put together the new ones (and am taking a break right now), and then we’ll have to put everything back into the room so that we can clean the carpets in the hall way.

Did I mention frantic? That’s only two of the long list of items that need to get done.

In the meantime K2 is out running errands and doing some more last minute shopping. We still need the second car seat (which K2’s co-workers were kind enough to donate money for). We need to secure all the bookcases to the walls. Do another round of child-proofing of the house. And, and, and…


July 29th 2005
We have our flights, too :-)

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I must admit, it took some work (and a total of maybe two hours on the phone with United), but we have our flights. Aug 17 in the morning to San Francisco and on to Beijing. Then Sep 2 from Hong Kong to San Francisco and on to Portland.

I can’t decide wether it’s “only” three more weeks or “still” three more weeks :-)

July 28th 2005
We have the dates!!!

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Yesterday we got the call with our travel dates. And I spent so many hours on the phone trying to get the trip set up, I didn’t even blog about it!

We’ll be leaving Portland on August 17 towards Beijing. On the 23rd we’ll fly to Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province, and that day will be “Gotcha Day”. That’s less than four weeks from now and we’ll have twins…!!!!

We will be back home on September 2nd – most likely dead tired after a long flight with (unfortunately most likely) two unhappy babies. But we’ll see, maybe they’ll surprise all of us. Thankfully, Jackie, our wonderful neighbor, will be traveling with us, so we’ll outnumber the babies. While that won’t guarantee more sleep, it might at least increase the chances to relax every once in a while.

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