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August 28th 2005
If I wasn’t so tired, I’d think more clearly

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Some nights are better than others. This was one of the others. And it seems it might have partly been my fault. Ok. I guess it was my fault.

S2 slept through the night and didn’t much more than say “aergh-aergh” once or twice. H2 woke up at eleven, I changed her and fed her (thanks to K2 helping me to get everything done in parallel). After that, H2 was fuzzing every ten to twenty minutes for the rest of the night and I didn’t get any sleep.

And that made me too tired (at least that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it) to realize that maybe I should check her diaper a second time. And at this point the assumption is that she had a really wet diaper for most of the night and that’s why she didn’t really sleep.

Silly daddy.

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August 28th 2005
Being a father…

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We had a wonderful dinner – unfortunately without K2 who still wasn’t feeling up to it. The girls were just perfect. And of course I am saying this without any prejudice because unlike other parents I am totally objective! (and if you believe that, let’s talk about that bridge I can sell you a discount…)

Part of the conversation tonight was focused on making fun of me for being so proud of my two little girls. How could I not be, I’d like to ask. But of course I was challenged on whether I am always honest when talking about them… So, to make sure I don’t misrepresent things here, let me point out that there have been the moments where I wondered if this was a good idea. The afternoon yesterday where they screamed at the top of their lungs for about two hours and nothing I did would help might have been one of them. I could have been tempted to return them (well, not really, but almost). Or a couple more moments the first two nights where I got little to no sleep.

But overall, I feel incredibly lucky. They are healthy, they are not malnourished, they obviously have received plenty of individual attention (the word ‘spoiled’ might come to mind – they clearly are used to being picked up and carried around all the time). – and of course, right as I am writing these last words, with K2 half asleep in bed behind me, H2 starts screaming loudly… thank you, Sweetie, for keeping me honest…

Anyway, they already bonded amazingly well. They clearly differentiate between ‘family’ (K2, myself, Jackie) and others. During dinner, when Tracy wanted to take H2 to allow Jackie to get some food, H2 was quite clearly voicing her disapproval. The moment Jackie took her again, she was fine.

I do sound like a bragging proud father, right? So what. Sue me. :-)

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August 28th 2005
We’re turning into the people Judie warned us about…

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Well, at least I seem to be. Jackie went upstairs to her room, and when she came back I proudly told her about the beautiful poop that I found when I changed S2’s diaper. Oh well, what can I say (I guess I already said too much).

We had a good day so far – except for K2, who isn’t feeling too good. Jackie and I went strolling with the kids in the nice little park in the lake in front of the hotel… that sounds wrong. It’s a park on some islands in the lake that are connected by bridges. Really nice. At something like 95 degrees and 100% humidity… And our local guide keeps telling us how wonderfully mild it is here all year round…

The kids are happy and marvelous… right now they are playing with each other… I wish I had figured out how to upload video to the blog – but I ran out of time playing with that. Oh well – I’ll add that later.

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August 27th 2005

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meat fish So this time I got to do the exciting Walmart trip. So much fun. It’s very similar to the once in the US. And very different, too. For example, I can’t remember seeing the life fish display, or the open access meat section. Oh well, I guess food safety standards are slightly different, here :-)

But we found all the things we were looking for, and even some we weren’t looking for (that certainly sounds like my American Walmart experience…)

For example we found two cute ultra cheap umbrella strollers. So we have some to take on the trip with us – instead of the ones we got from the hotel so far…

One of the other highlights was the cab ride… maybe ten or fifteen minutes. And a dollar fifty fare…

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