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September 30th 2005
Four weeks…

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I will admit that I can’t believe it. Today it has been four weeks since we came back from China. There must be a mistake. It’s been AGES. I mean – I can hardly remember the first few days. Which might be caused by the fact that I was so sleep deprived that nothing actually entered my brain. But still. Wow.

The change in the girls is simply incredible. They clearly know their family. They clearly know this is home. They know their bedtime. They know their room. They know the pets and are comfortable on the floor with the them. They started to pet Reggie (even though we are still just a wee bit scared about that, as they aren’t exactly the most gentle people when it comes to petting).

Most importantly, they sleep. Not reliably during nap time, but if we don’t let them fall asleep in the morning, then nap tends to work. And much more so at night. If they had a no diaper malfunction or uncomfortable sleeper or other outside problem, they have slept six to eight hours without waking up once. Pretty darn good.

And of course they are absolutely adorable and the cutest things, ever. And I am not saying this because I’m prejudiced in any way. This is completely objective! :-)

September 29th 2005
Getting there

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Well, technically they still aren’t “getting” anywhere. They don’t crawl and they certainly aren’t even close to walking. Well, S2 is reasonably successful rolling to places she wants to get to, but it’s much more an iterative process and she still seems surprised where she ends up…

But today for the first time I really saw S2 pull herself up to a stand on her own, just holding on to the rim of the bathtub. Pretty cool :-)

September 26th 2005
Ok, some days I just feel like showing off…

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Milestone Standing Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain (or any helping hands you might think you see in this pictures). The girls are standing. Sort of. With almost not much help.

Ok, it was more exciting when you were there… they are starting to try to pull themselves up, but mostly it’s us putting them on their feet and making them exercise these muscles (and interested in standing up – we hope).

But still, come on, this is pretty neat – they often held on to only one finger!

Brocoli Brocoli But how about this one? Two beautiful little ladies enjoying their vegetables, in this case, their brocoli. Different techniques, same result (the soft tops of the brocoli are gone, the stem is left for the friendly helper to discard). Very impressive. And fun to watch. And it stops them from screaming at the top of their lungs when they think the food service isn’t as fast as it could be…

Which brings up the question how a baby can go from “happy and content” to “completely starved and desperately screaming for food” in something like 2 seconds. And of course why they scream for food while you feed them (thereby slowing down the feeding process). I guess I’m approaching this with too much logic :-)

The last couple of nights weren’t that good – H2 really had a tough time sleeping last night. We don’t really know why. But we notice a correlation between “did they have a good nap” and “do they sleep well at night”. A nap of less than 2 hours often triggers a bad night. Unfortunately, nap today was about 80 minutes. Darn.

Sleep in a cup Of course, parents know that they need to keep functioning after nights like this, which is why we then resort to what we lovingly call “sleep in a cup”. Just to prevent ANY misunderstandings – this is at our local independent coffee shop (a block from Starbucks and doing well, thanks for asking). Enjoying a small latte…

Denise and S2 And of course, wise parents also know when it is smart to get help to come with them – just to make sure they don’t walk into a tree or anything… We’ve had so many of our wonderful friends help out over the last month that I can’t even mention all of them here. Denise sure is one of them. So are Jackie, Tove, and of course my wonderful Mutti, without whom we’d be wearing dirty clothes and our pets would starve (among other things).

Thanks to all of you!

September 25th 2005
H2 scares the dog…

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At least, that’s what the questionnaire said that we got as part of the adoption. We assumed that this was a bad translation and that it meant that she is scared of dogs. So we were very careful when introducing her to Reggie – but never had a problem.

And today Sandy came over with a couple of friends and two more Corgies. And Corgies, playing together, aren’t really calm or quiet. And H2 wasn’t bothered at all. Even when one of the other Corgies licked her face she didn’t show any fear.

So maybe the translation was correct and there’s a dog in Datian that’s really scared of H2? I guess we’ll never know…

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