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October 30th 2005
Whatever it was we fed them yesterday…

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…let’s not feed it to them again :-(

It was one of our worst nights so far – even beating the very early ones. K2 took S2 who was screaming from tummy pains practically all night long. She got something like five times fifteen minutes of sleep. I was luckier – H2 wasn’t feeling as bad so I got a bit more sleep, but still with easily a dozen interruptions, some of them rather long.

And of course one of the annoying side-effects of all this is that the next day you aren’t exactly cheerful. So it’s hard not to yell at each other and fight – frustration threshold is way too low for me.

We survived and have been very careful and selective about food today. We don’t really know what triggered it yesterday – might have been the stage 2 formula, might have been peas (but we think they had those before)… strange…

Let’s hope for a better night – especially since I’m heading to Boston tomorrow and then K2 is alone with the girls for three evenings…

October 29th 2005
And now for something completely different

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No, this is not about adoption… it’s about the oddities of CSS. As it turns out, Internet Exploder is not only broken (duh), but it’s also annoyingly consistent in its brokenness. So even the newer version of IE (5.0 and newer) that in theory do understand how boxes work in CSS, still do it wrong by default, just in case. Actually, with the intention of not breaking web pages that present broken CSS to IE in order to work around the bugs in the old versions. So IE is intentionally broken by default in order to be compatible to broken versions of IE. Gotta love it.

Which leads me to a fun exercise I did yesterday, fixing my CSS so that it would render correctly in “strict” mode, which forces even IE to do the right thing (as far as it can). But if you switch your DOCTYPE to strict, then suddenly a bunch of other things don’t work anymore. For example, dimensions in CSS no longer default to px, therefore a CSS statement like margin: 5 10 5 10 doesn’t give you the nice little margin that you expected but is ignored as it doesn’t have valid dimensions.

Took me a while to figure that one out. But I think I now have correct CSS and a blog that renders reasonably well on both IE and on real browsers like Firefox or Safari :-)

(in case you are wondering: the problem that got me started on all this is that without strict mode IE gets the dimensions of pictures wrong if they have their width given as a percentage and if there are nested floated objects – which is something I have on my blog quite often… IE renders the second picture too small in that case as it bases the percentage on the wrong outside box…)

October 28th 2005
Poor babies are sick :-(

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Both of them have a cold. And we all know where they have it from. :-(

But I’m sure there will be plenty of pay-back when they go to day care (starting next week) and bring back all kinds of interesting viruses to get me sick in return… still, I feel rather bad… poor things have a hard time breathing… I’m sure this will not be a good night. Oh well. In a way, it’s my own fault.

October 27th 2005
Back home and lots more pictures

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Lexi I made it back home. And did what anyone would do. I grabbed my camera and took more pictures!

Actually, the first one is a little older – it’s a picture of Lexi (Jackie’s daughter) I took last week. But she’s so cute in it, I just had to post it! It’s so funny how K2 enjoys when she has “big girl time” and gets to spend time with Lexi… some things you simply cannot do with the twins, yet. Like, for example, have a conversation :-)

Regal Reggie And then there is Reggie. At his very best in three quarter profile. He’s just such a wonderful boy. Clearly loves the twins. Nothing they do could possibly upset him. They still pull our his hair or hit him when trying to pet him. No problem, he doesn’t growl or anything. Just looks kind of hurt.

Lately he has started to join us (or the last few days, more precisely, K2) when we bring the girls to bed. With the slight side effect, that the very soothing environment puts him right to sleep as well :-)

But that’s a price he is clearly willing to pay!

S2 H2 But then of course there are the real stars here. How cute are they. Amazing. It was so good to be back home and have them smile at me and hug me. They are just simply wonderful!

Unfortunately, they didn’t sleep well last night and K2 is really beat. I’ll try to take baby duty tonight, assuming I’m not just out cold, given that I just came back from Tokyo. We’ll see about that one. But regardless how tired you are, seeing them play makes up for all of it.

Twin Sequence Twin Sequence Twin Sequence Twin Sequence Twin Sequence

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