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November 30th 2005
The girls are growing up

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It’s so interesting to see the little changes in their behavior. Right now hey are more and more interested in feeding themselves. To the point that they will refuse (meaning: spit out / at you) some food that you feed them. But if you put the same food on a tray in front of them, they’ll eat it (and liberally distribute it all over their face / forehead / hair). Annoying, if you are in a rush. But really actually quite cool!

Only the standing freely part of growing up still doesn’t seem to happen. As I reported a while ago, H2 seems to have stood on her own earlier, but right now neither seems really close to that milestone…

November 30th 2005
I don’t know if this is fake or not…

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This is one of the more hilarious things that I have seen in a while. It is allegedly an Xbox 360 TV ad that was pulled by Microsoft’s lawyers.

November 28th 2005
Google is introducing a new way to annoy people

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This is fascinating – Google comes up with a new idea, and somehow in their excitement for cool new things from Google it seems people aren’t thinking this through… so as part of the “Pay-per-call” search advertising service that Google is said to be introducing soon, there will be a phone icon next to ads. Click on the icon and you can type in your phone number and then Google will call both you and the advertiser and connect the two.

Think about the possibilities. It should be so simple to write a simple script that feeds the phone number of a person you dislike to this, say, every 15 minutes, 24 x 7…

And you can even select what kind of advertisers you want to connect that person with. Amazing.

Oops :-)

PS: when I checked the link I saw that Greg updated his posting and also mentions the downside of the idea… some minds think alike… with this one, I’m not sure if it is “great” ones… :-)

November 27th 2005
Eating Binge…

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Today it looked like our girls haven’t been fed in a week. They had their morning bottle. A big breakfast. Another bottle. Banana. Egg and potatoes, bread and cheerios as “snack” (certainly the amount of a full meal). A regular lunch with another bottle before nap. A bottle after nap. More cheerios. And then the monster dinner. A plate of pasta with tuna, olives, tomatoes and capers. Banana. More past with cheese. And finally a yogurt.


What happened? We don’t really know. But they weighed in at 19.5 pounds tonight – which is good, as once they reach 20 pounds we can finally turn the car seats around which will make things so much easier (and more comfortable for the grown-ups, as our seats can move further back again…).

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