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December 31st 2005

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That’s what we call the last day of the year in German. More fun than New Year’s Eve, I guess :-)

Twins at the gate And a fun day it was – the girls were mostly marvelous and Papa spent his day playing with them and trying as best as I could to give Mama a well deserved day off. I think she liked it! (things like that always bring the risk of creating expectations, but I guess I’ll say something like “but Honey, that was LAST year…”). Just kidding :-)

Twins in front of the tree H2 S2 The other thing I did while the girls were sleeping was to work my way through the last two day’s worth of pictures: playing with the girls usually involves taking pictures of them… and I can’t help myself but once again state that they are too cute for words. H2 (in the right portrait) does this wonderful “look over her shoulder”. Browsing my two thousand or so pictures of the girls (in case you were wondering, I am not kidding) I can see that I have quite a few of these. S2 is much more willing to do the straight on portrait…

Of course the majority of the pictures has one of them looking away or moving out of focus or some other flaw. Thankfully there are still plenty of others left. I hope I’ll have some more time tomorrow or Monday to post a few more of the pictures I took the last days – I think I have some good ones there.

To all of you, wherever you are (and at this point I have about 30 regular readers plus an average of 10 people a day who get to this blog via search engines) have a Happy New Year. For our family here in Portland, 2005 has brought the most amazing changes imaginable. And the promise of many more exciting years to come. We may be a bit tired, but we are looking forward to them.

Prost Neujahr!

December 30th 2005

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Jada Today we had a different play date than we usually do on Fridays… K2’s cousin Susie with her daughter Jada came to visit. Jada is 30 months old now – she came home from China right around the time when K2 and I started the process – July of last year.

With the bigger age difference the play date was less about the girls playing together and more about Jada exploring the twins’ toys while the adults tried to keep all three of them safe and happy. Jada was very curious about H2 and S2, petted S2’s head when she was crying and tried to pick the perfect toy to bring S2 in order to cheer her up. Very sweet! I think all of us had fun and we are planning to do this more often so the girls stay in touch. And as they get older, the age difference should be less and less of a problem, anyway.

playing Today was an exciting day for many other reasons as well. We finally had all the paperwork ready to file for re-adoption in Oregon (actually, K2 did that yesterday) and today we braved the line to apply for their US passports! And in a few weeks (depending on the speed of our state and federal bureaucracy) we’ll be another step closer to being able to start the same paper chase in Germany so they can have their German citizenship documented and get German passports.

And finally (a great example for “last but certainly not least”), last night was our best night so far! S2 slept from 7:30pm till 5:30am. H2 slept from 7:30pm till 3am and then till almost 7am. Good! I take this as a clear sign that posting about it yesterday didn’t jinx things. Now can we have more nights like that, please?

As a result of plenty of sleep the girls were very cheerful this morning (and very tolerant of all the waiting when getting their passport picture taken and then waiting again in line and then while we filled out all the forms). They don’t necessarily love being in their play yard (they’d rather have us pick them up or play with them), but they definitely love their toys – and Christmas brought so many new ones!

December 29th 2005
Sleep is a Wonderful Thing

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I didn’t want to jinx it, so I had not written about it the last couple of days, but we seem to really make progress – and I have no idea why… maybe it’s the fact that the girls are finally breathing better again. They certainly aren’t completely healthy (still intermittent diarrhea) and we haven’t made any real changes to their food (a mixture of “good” baby food jars and “whatever is available”… home cooked dinner, restaurant food last night – and of course they have lunch at day care. No idea what did it (which makes me nervous – how do I continue to recreate that???)

Anyway, for three nights in a row now we got a decent amount of sleep, both girls and parents. S2 actually slept through last night, from getting her to bed around 7:45pm till she woke up at 5:45 this morning. Nice. Now let’s see both of you do this :-)

December 28th 2005
I am so glad I don’t work in support (anymore, actually)…

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I found the link to this over at Good Morning Silicon Valley and must admit that I haven’t laughed this loud in a while. These are portrait to be actual tapes of Apple Support calls. Go listen to some for yourself… I’m ready to believe it.

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