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January 30th 2006
I’m back and guess what, I made some pictures…

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S2 and H2 on the floor It’s good to be home again to to see the girls. I arrived yesterday right after they went down for their nap… and had to sneak into their room to take a look. Ahhhhh, my girls. Cute as ever. And to make up for a lost week I played with them at every chance – the weather was very rainy, so we just took a quick trip to the store and were home most afternoon. And then we went to dinner with Robin who arrived in Portland for business, yesterday.

S2 grabs H2 The girls haven’t changed much. Didn’t take their first step while I was gone, didn’t develop any better manners when dealing with each other (here S2 clearly seems to plan to “take out” H2…). They are eating well, they are cheerful, they are drooling like mad. Both have three more teeth breaking through that we can see (which will get them to four on top and two on the bottom).

Of course the teething plus the excessively runny noses didn’t make for a good night. They woke us up more times than I care to remember, and at 5:20am decided to call it a morning. No attempt to snuggle would keep them from getting up and having breakfast. I’m a morning person, but sometimes sleep sounds better. This morning would have been one of those times…

On the plus side we were ready way early this morning, I dropped the girls off at day care and K2 was at work almost an hour earlier than normal!

But back to a couple more pictures from yesterday…

H2 with daddy shirt H2 clearly was trying to make points with daddy wearing this shirt. Or K2 was just stacking the deck – you never know :-). Either way, she was way cute. And really liked to scoot around and play. Very very active young lady.

H2 reading Disneyland guide She was also clearly getting ready for our short trip to Southern California that is planned for later this week. In case you can’t tell in the picture, the book she is studying there is a Disneyland guide…

Unfortunately, K2’s ear infection doesn’t really seem to get any better and a moment ago the doctor called and canceled her appointment for today, so we may end up not being able to go. No decision, yet, but I’m very concerned. Flying when your ears are already in pain really isn’t a good idea. I hope they can reschedule the appointment and more importantly, I hope K2 will be well by Thursday!

January 29th 2006
Impressions from overseas…

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Once again I got to go five thousand miles from home, but this time not towards the west (which ironically gets you to the far east) but instead I went east and visited Germany on a four day business trip…

It’s cold there. Wednesday morning we had -15°C (something like 5°F) and two inches of snow. My rental car had no snow tires. The joy of travel. But I got to stay with my sister H2 and her family, so I gladly took the drive into town as acceptable cost of enjoying family on a business trip.

And on Saturday I even got to stay with my mom and her partner who live almost kind of on the way from Nuremberg to Frankfurt. Finally I headed to the airport way early Sunday morning. Nice. By then it was still rather cold, but all the roads were clear and driving was easy… seriously, who’s on the roads at 5:30am on a Sunday morning?

At the airport I was early enough to get one of the two remaining seats in Business class – making up for the customer service disaster that Lufthansa provided for this valued customer on the way to Germany… where I was told that Business Class was full and I couldn’t get an upgrade, but once on the plane there were 22 open seats in Business Class, but according to the purser on board there’s “nothing he can do”. Silly question: who’s stopping you?

But that’s still better than the fate of the poor people who were trying to fly Delta’s non-stop from Frankfurt to Atlanta today. According to the display in Frankfurt that flight was leaving at 27:45… that might be a loooong wait.

Right now I’m between Iceland and Greenland at about 38,000 feet, once again enjoying Lufthansa’s wireless internet service. Can’t wait to see this on a US airline. Yeah right – in my dreams.

All in all a typical international business trip. Missed my girls a lot. Calling K2 twice a day didn’t make it any easier. This morning she told me about the earthquake in Portland – apparently the epicenter was right in the middle of Downtown; but thankfully it was only a 2.8, so no real harm done…

January 23rd 2006
They started feeding themselves with a spoon!

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Unbelievable, Gotcha Day was five months ago today. Sometimes it seems like ages ago, and then again, has it already been five months?

K2 asked me today if I had posted about the girls using a spoon. As it turns out I posted about their new skills a few days ago, but I don’t think I really have pointed this out quite enough. So here comes the proud father… you have been warned…

Both of them will take a spoon (with food on it) when you hand it to them and bring it towards the general vicinity of their mouth and very often into the mouth in a way that allows them to eat (and then there are the near misses… and those can be fun, too). They both are willing to do this with either the right or the left hand. S2 seems to prefer her right a little, H2 seems to be ambidextrous at this point. She also is even a little further then S2. When given an empty spoon and some easy to scoop food like peas on her tray, she’ll use her fingers to get a pea on the spoon and then use the spoon to move that pea to her mouth. Pretty cool!

It isn’t the fastest way to feed them – but we are of course encouraging this a lot…

Quick editorial comment – after a wonderful long break of no international travel in about two months, tomorrow I’ll head to Germany on a five day business trip. I don’t know if (and what) I’ll post from there, so don’t be concerned if little is happening on the blog…

January 22nd 2006
Everyone’s well again

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Finally it seems that we all are healthy – or mostly healthy, I should say. I managed to not really get sick (tons of vitamin C) – and the three wonderful women in my life all seem to have recovered. The girls have found their appetites again and are cheerful. Some little bit of stuffed nose is left, but that’s almost a permanent state, I guess.

Today was an exciting day – we went to the Portland Art Museum with Tom and the girls and visited the Rental Sales Gallery – which is a pretty cool thing. Local artists get to display their work there, and as a Portland Art Museum member (thanks for that wonderful Christmas present, Denise), you get to very affordably rent these works for three months. You take them home with you, hang them in your own place, and if after the three months you still like them you can simply buy them and keep them.

As expected we found way too much that we liked, but we took only two paintings home – don’t start too ambitious, I guess.

Tom Angela The girls loved the museum. So much to look at. It really was an exciting day, and a very good weekend.

I took lots of pictures of the girls (big surprise, I know…) and even a few of other subjects, like Tom (who visited us from Spokane over the weekend) and Angela (who came over for dinner).

Twins standing in front of play yard The girls are really standing quite comfortably by now. They still aren’t walking (and we consider that a blessing). But it’s getting really close (and I bet if I search back in the blog, I must have been saying this for many many weeks…). They walk if you let them hang on to you with their hands – even with just one hand. But even though they can stand for 30 or more seconds, all they do from there is sit down…

Twins with funny looks One thing that is just amazing about them is the looks that they’ll give you. Doesn’t S2 (on the right) look like she’s checking you out to see whether she can deck you?

H2 S2 But my favorites are still the portraits of the two. H2 (on the left) shows off these huge gorgeous eyes of hers. And S2 sure isn’t any less cute… it keeps amazing me, they are so adorable. And funnily enough, wherever we go, people tell us how cute our kids (all too often, our “boys”) are… I’m sure all parents think that their kids are special. Only ours are (grin)…

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