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February 28th 2006
What to do…

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I am learning how hard it is to do the right thing when the girls wake up at night. First, of course, it’s hard to know what is the right thing, anyway.

Experience indicates that it works very well to walk in, tell the baby who is awake that it’s night time and that she needs to go back to sleep. And then to walk out again, even if that causes her to cry. Wait a couple of minutes and go back in. Repeat.

Pretty darn amazing how well this worked last night. Even at 5:10am – a time that I have never before been able to get them back to sleep. I went in twice and they both went back to sleep – and slept till 6:30!

Needless to say, it was K2 who figured out that this works – she has to take care of the girls on her own so often that figuring out these things is her only chance… on an unrelated note, I’m in San Francisco today and Santa Clara tomorrow… :-(

February 27th 2006

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Or whatever other expression of intense unhappiness is politically correct these days. Oh wait, I usually don’t care about that stuff… too late.

My apologies to all of you who have tried to reach the blog the last 36 hours – 20 of which (or so) the server was down. This is the second time that I had a bunch of hard crashes (as in – nothing goes until you pull the power plug) with this box. I guess I really need to think about another server. And figure out when I’ll have the time to configure it. Oops.

But there’s more then just bad news. There’s also a hilarious video that I want to draw your attention to (and this is not intended for those of you on a slow link (sorry, Mutti), nor is it for those who aren’t really interested in iPods and other high tech gimmicks…)

For the two of you still reading… check out this parody of Microsoft’s approach to iPod packaging.

Oh, and there’s another thing I wanted to post. One of the reasons why I love living in Portland. People here are weird in such a charming way… How about reading about toy ponies that have been tied to the sidewalk “horse rings” in Portland’s Pearl district. And yes, we do have horse rings in the sidewalks here…

February 26th 2006
Another picture

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Poor Denise got sick – major cold. A few days after we were over at her place with the girls. Oh-oh… I hope that it wasn’t our fault (apparently there are other potential suspects at her work place, so it’s at least not clear who got her sick).

Anyway, she posted another wonderful picture from that session on her blog. This time K2 and H2. Wonderful. I can’t wait to see the rest. Get well, Denise…

February 26th 2006
More walking news

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It took longer than we thought, but today H2 finally started to walk “for real” as well. After her first few steps ten days ago she had not really shown much interest in walking. But today she did seven or eight steps walking to Papa. And clearly enjoyed the excitement she caused. S2 of course had to one-up her and show off that she can walk much faster than her sister. Show-off.

As before the parents are undecided between thrilled and frightened :-)

One other really cute thing they have both figured out. If one of us sits on the floor they walk or crawl towards us and then purposefully climb into our lap. Ahhhhh.

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