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March 29th 2006
The girls are feeling better

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They still have the little blisters, but they slept much better, ate much better and were much more cheerful.


I had my “stay-at-home-dad”-day today and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. The reason wasn’t good, but the day was :-)

March 28th 2006
Foot and mouth disease

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Turns out they were not just teething. Monday daycare called and told us that the girls had developed blisters under their tongue. We went to the doctor with them and by then they had blisters on their hands and feet, too.

Since this is an infectious virus they can’t go to daycare for a week. Which means that for the rest of this week one of us has to take off from work and watch the babies. Today it was K2, tomorrow it will be me.

The joy of parenthood. But we shouldn’t be complaining. Knock on wood, this is relatively harmless. Listening to some other parents (poor Kelly for example) we have been very lucky so far.

Even more important, today the girls seemed to feel better already. Not sure how the night will be (we just put them in their cribs to sleep), but we’re hoping for the best. Tomorrow I’ll get to spend the day with them. The weather forecast promises dry weather, so I’m seeing long walks with the stroller in my future :-)

March 26th 2006
The girls just love Denise

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And who can blame them – she’s just lovely!

Denise joined us to look at Jay Shore’s art and afterwards came over to our house today to spend some time with us and help us with hanging the new paintings that we got.

And it turns out that she was heaven sent. Even though S2 was doing better than the last couple of days, H2 really wasn’t. Her teeth really seem to hurt her badly. And neither wanted to nap and both were threatening to be “high maintenance” all afternoon. But then Denise started playing with them – and whatever it was that she did, she hit exactly the right note with them as they forgot all about being unhappy and were giggling and happy and cheerful all afternoon.

How wonderful. One more reason why Denise needs to visit us more often!

March 26th 2006
Jay Shore

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Bibiana, a friend of K2’s, pointed out to her this week that Jay Shore, a very gifted painter who had lived in Portland for many years, was about to move away to Southern California. In order to reduce the number of things he had to ship to his new house he was selling some of his paintings at his current house in Portland starting today.

Shanghai The four of us went there this morning and met with Denise to see if we could find a piece or two that we would like. K2 had actually looked at Jay’s website and seen at least one painting that she really loved: It’s called Shanghai and a thumbnail of it is on the right (with the artist’s permission).

We went early to beat the rush and had a chance to talk to Jay and he showed us that painting and quite a few others. And we quickly fell in love with several. We ended up buying Shanghai and found three more paintings of his that we bought, including Dance on Orange (depicted below, again with the artist’s permission).

Dance on Orange The other two pictures aren’t on his website and I certainly don’t want to post unauthorized (and likely mediocre-quality) reproductions, so you’ll have to trust me. They are equally as gorgeous.

With Denise’s help we hung all of them today (mind you, I had to rent a U-Haul real quickly in order to get the paintings home, as Shanghai is rather large at 60″x48″ – more than would fit in any of our cars). And the transformation of our house is quite stunning. Amazing what great art does to the look of a room – we already had a few pieces from the Rental Sales Gallery at the Portland Art Museum hanging in the living room, but to honest, Jay’s work really brings it up a notch.

If you are in the Portland area you should definitely give him a call and arrange to look at some of the works that he’s selling. He’s selling way under market price in order to reduce his moving expenses (and complexity). His contact information is on his page and he will be here in Portland until the second half of April.

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