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March 25th 2006
A German play group

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I must admit that after last night (which was terrible – I slept in their room, or more precisely, I had an air mattress in their room on which I had a few short naps last night between long intervals of trying to get one or the other to sleep) I didn’t think we’d make it. But K2 had a brilliant idea for nap… the girls woke up after about 45 minutes but instead of fighting with them, we each took one of the girls and laid down with them on the air mattress. I had S2 on my chest and was flat on my back and with that she got a total nap of about two and a half hours. With some interruptions where I had to calm her down again, but still.

After that relatively decent nap we were optimistic that the girls would be up for a play date. And we were right. There’s another couple of girl-twins at our daycare and their parents (Ursula and Jens) are Germans – and are part of a group of German or part-German families who raise their children bilingually and get together twice a month for the kids to play together. Most of the children are between one and two years old, so our girls fit right in.

Today was our first time and H2 and S2 seemed to enjoy it. It was hard on K2, I guess, with everyone speaking German all the time, but since her listening comprehension is very good I think she managed quite well. We met at Ursula’s and Jens’ house, the girls played, the parents talked. We had fun. I’m very excited that our girls are getting more exposure to spoken German, with more speakers and more topics. That has got to be good for them. We are very much looking forward to the next play group in April!

March 24th 2006
A tough day

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Some days are wonderful, some aren’t. And then there are days like today.

The night was already a struggle. Markus was here (a good friend from Germany who came here to talk to Intel and used the chance to stay with us so he could meet the girls). Thankfully he has an extremely healthy sleep (and was dead tired on week five of a six-weeks-travel-nightmare). So even though the girls screamed through half of the night, he didn’t hear them.

Which of course reminded me of the past. When I stayed with Tove and Linus, a number of times Tove in the morning apologized for the fact that the girls must have kept me up all night. Except that I never heard them! It’s different when they are yours, I guess.

Anyway, the day didn’t get any better. Both were unhappy and cranky all day. Didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to drink, didn’t want to nap. All they wanted was cry. Poor K2 was alone with them most of the day and was really glad to see me in the evening so she finally had help. Poor girls, all three of them.

March 22nd 2006
All is well

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The girls are doing well, are sleeping ok (if only they didn’t insist that “morning” starts at 5:10am every day) and are happy and goofy as always.

Whether they march like ducks (with their hands held behind their backs), or show real concern for each other (H2 cries (for no reason that I can remember) and has no binky and S2 walks over and puts a binky in H2’s mouth), or just quietly play on their own for a few minutes… they are truly wonderful.

Except when they are not, but that’s not the topic of today’s posting, is it?

March 20th 2006

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How fun. Kelly came to visit us in Portland. She was part of our adoption travel group to China and brought her daughter Raenen home from that trip. For her this was the second time already, Aliya, her older daughter, is three years old.

We had wanted to meet for a while but something always prevented it, so it was wonderful to finally re-connect in person. So many experiences are similar, and so many of the stories are simply good to hear. And of course so many shared memories.

We hope to talk her into moving to Portland. That would be nice. :-)

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