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March 19th 2006
A Party for Jade

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Jade Another girl has come home.

Every once in a while (and frankly, far too rarely) we meet our friends from the Just Enough Chinese class that K2 took last year before traveling to China. This time it was Jade who had come home with her new family just ten days before. And a couple more children from China are yet to come – the process has slowed down compared to last year; for us the wait from “documents to China” to the referral was about seven months. Right now it’s closer to eleven!

Annabel Henry Anabel, Henry and our girls clearly enjoyed having another friend around to play – and Kate’s house had plenty of space for all of us to have a good time. It’s so much fun to see them with each other. Jade was clearly still a little uncertain about all this – and Henry is very much a three-year-old, but they were all playing well with each other (and the parents enjoy sharing stories and concerns with others who have similar experiences).

Jade at play S2 H2 Another fun thing whenever we are visiting other houses is the chance to play with different toys. Very popular. They actually have these little cars at home, but we haven’t brought them in yet (since when Tove gave them to us, our girls were too little) – but quite obviously we need to change that since they were both just fascinated with them…

March 17th 2006
And even more pictures

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What’s so nice about having the pictures from Denise is that this gives me great pictures I can post, and I actually end up being in some of them – and since usually I’m the one who takes the pictures, that’s a rare thing. So pardon me for posting a few more – there are so many I like, it’s fun! So this is “Papa and the girls”! In both cases the left picture shows H2 with Papa and the right one S2.

D and H2 D and S2
D and H2 D and S2

The choice of color vs. black and white is the artist’s – the silly grin is mine :-)

But life is more than just posting pictures. Spending time with the two of them is just wonderful – I envy K2 that she has Fridays off and can spend them with the girls. Today they all went to the Children’s Museum and met there with Claudia and Jun. They must have had fun – the girls were dead tired when they came home. But actually, that was the theme of the day… H2 fell asleep during lunch!

It is just so amazing how cheerful they are. Once they have eaten and all is well in their world, they run around, are goofy and giggle all the time.

We are so blessed.

March 15th 2006
S2 is a big girl…

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Today, after snack at daycare, S2 took her towel, wiped the table, walked to the trash and threw away her towel.

Wow. what a big girl.

March 13th 2006
The pictures from Denise are here!

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Here are some of our favorites!

S2 and H2 D S2 H2 K2 These might be the absolute favorites. The right one should be called “Meet the Wiggles Family” :-)

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