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April 29th 2006
What Not To Wear

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That’s actually the title of one of our favorite TV shows (or I should say, one of the few that we actually take the time to watch these days). I’m talking about the BBC original with Trinny and Susanna, btw.

But that wasn’t the point of this posting, anyway – just happened to end up being the title :-) – what I really wanted to talk about was an interesting bit we heard on NPR today (where else, as OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) tends to be the default station on our radios). Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me is maybe the most hilarious radio show (and now available as a Podcast for all those of you who live in a place where you can’t get NPR on the radio – like my family in Germany). Man, I am being long-winded today…

What I really wanted to talk about was an online baby clothing store that was mentioned in today’s broadcast of “Wait, Wait,…”. Pimpfants, which according to the site is a store that has clothing “for the new generation of parents who want their children to be both hip and comfortable”. Wow. Not nearly as offending as the name of the store might make you think at first – and this (with a request for an 40oz (1.2l) milk bottle on it) might actually be accurate for our girls some days… :-)

April 27th 2006
Decisions, decisions…

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I know that it won’t be long before I regret this, but right now it is really exciting to me that the girls are starting to articulate decisions. And not just by doing or not doing something (like they’ve done for a while by for example spitting out food when they are done eating). They have actually started to really communicate.

At dinner they make the sign for “more” (or say something that sounds like “more” or “mehr”, depending whom of us you ask). And making the sign for “all done” when they don’t want any more food. Or even more surprising, tonight K2 asked H2 if she wanted to put a piece of clothing into the hamper. She shakes her head. K2 puts it into the hamper. Next piece, K2 asks again. Same response. Third piece, H2 says “Ya!” (or “Ja!”), takes it and puts it in the hamper.

Way cool.

April 25th 2006
The girls are brilliant

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Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone, but I felt that I needed to point it out. Not even eighteen months old and eating with a spoon. Pretty darn cute (and Reggie gladly takes care of the few mishaps that don’t quite make it to the mouth).

And so eager to clean up that they’ll even put the fresh clothes we get out to dress them right into the hamper… you’ve got to be quick, or it’s gone!

April 23rd 2006
An afternoon in the garden

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Once again it was a beautiful day. Warm, sunny, gorgeous. Hard to believe that it’s only April!

After our “traditional” Sunday morning brunch with Sandy and Tom, some shopping and nap time we took the girls to Starbucks and after we came back decided that we should spend some more time in the back yard. Good move as the girls really started to have more fun with this. Admittedly, they weren’t overly fond of their new sunglasses. These have elastic bands to hold them on their heads – but that lasted only a few moments. But I did get two decent shots of S2 and H2 showing off their sunglasses. H2 is on the left, together with her mom who also has new shades to be proud of :-) K2 and H2 with sunglasses S2 with sunglasses

S2 decided that she needed something stronger than the sippy-cup with water that H2 was having – one might think that H2 is envious (but of course, the Starbucks cup was empty – poor S2, no Latte just yet…). H2 with sippycup S2 with Starbucks cup

After a short while the girls clearly started to be too warm. K2 got them lighter shirts. H2 clearly felt that even those were too warm and went for the topless look. So K2 got out the sunscreen. This didn’t seem a fight worth fighting… Reggie couldn’t really take of his warm coat, so he took comfort in the shade. S2 and H2 Reggie in the shade

We made another attempt to protect our girls from the sun, this times even with cute little hats. Let’s just say it was tough to keep them on long enough for the pictures. We tried… H2 with hat S2 with hat

Two more pictures showing off my girls… S2 H2

And finally – I couldn’t resist. I got out my 50/1.8 lens and took a few pictures of the apple blossoms in our backyard. apple blossom apple blossom

All told I took 380 pictures in under one hour – filled both a 2GB and a 1GB memory card… I love digital photography…

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