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May 31st 2006
So what’s with the hair in Nashville?

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When driving the freeway from the airport into Nashville, about every second ad display next to the road is for some hair replacement clinic or hair growth formula. Is there something about people who love country music and loss of hair?

Just wondering…

May 30th 2006
Another step in the paperwork game…

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Of course the adoption was final last August. China, the US, and even Germany accept the adoption in China as permanent and binding act. That doesn’t change the fact that there is some advantage to re-adopting in Oregon (and even though as my children they are of course German citizens, there is more work to be done to get them German passports). The most obvious advantage of re-adoption in Oregon is that the girls become eligible to receive Oregon birth certificates. Which are easy to replace / get more of. And they look familiar to anyone who usually gets to see birth certificates here in the US – unlike a Chinese certificate with English translation, which is what we have today.

Long story short, as one more step (and we believe the final step, as far as the US is concerned) of the adoption process, we finalized the Oregon re-adoption of our girls today. The actual ceremony (we could have done this “by mail”, but hey, this is an important event!) was almost nonexistent – the judge was so busy telling us how cute our girls are, she at first didn’t even notice that we had forgotten to sign one form. But it was all very nice and in the end still rather touching. And Judge Waller was very motherly and caring and was obviously excited to do a re-adoption (instead of her usual, less cheerful case load).

K2 and I are happy, the girls didn’t like the waiting but then liked the attention – but of course as a consequence of the change in routine they were pretty wound up. And to make matters worse, I’m leaving to Nashville tonight (via a red-eye to Chicago – yuck!). I’m attending a conference there, before traveling to Seattle on Thursday evening for another meeting on Friday. Poor girls with their “transient” father (and poor K2 with her disappearing-act-husband…)

May 27th 2006
What a week…

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The teething got worse. At least for H2. She now is also cutting two of her lower front teeth. Last night she was having nightmares and was screaming and crying more or less from 11pm till 5am. Not a good night – to say the least. S2 on the other hand slept through all of the crying and screaming (but we did of course take H2 downstairs after a while).

The day today brought many news-worthy events. First, we went to our veterinarian clinic (Northwest Neighborhood Vet on NW 26th and Thurman – highly recommended if you are in Portland) – one of the doctors there had called earlier this week and asked us to come by to pick up a surprise for the girls. A friend of hers makes toddler and children furniture and she made two little step stools for our girls. What a wonderful gift! They have their names and artists renderings of Reggie and Ollie (or I should say, of a Corgi and a black and white short hair cat). Too cute.

Step stool Step stool
Girls on step stools Girls profile
The girls both loved them and sat down on them the moment we put them in the living room. Of course they can’t read yet, so each sat down on her sisters step. Oh well. The other picture shows a bit that H2 wasn’t feeling to well. I still think they are way cute!

Then we went to a toddler class called “Bubbles, Balls & Bean Bags” at the local community center. Given that the girls weren’t exactly at their personal best this went very well. They were running around and playing for quite a while. Towards the end they decided that they were done early – which is okay. Lots of fun – and two more of these classes the next two weekends!

After their nap I spent some time with the girls and K2 went wine shopping with Judie (with very promising results, I might add). The girls weren’t exactly angels the whole time, but they displayed some very charming behaviors. As she had done before, S2 kept taking care of H2. Bringing her a binky when she seemed upset, petting her back, even bringing her their favorite toy (toy cell phones that actually ring – don’t ask).

And there’s another new thing we saw yesterday for the first time. Really cooperative play and actual conversation about it. They were holding hands and rocking back and forth. When one stopped the other would make the sign for “more”, they’d look at each other and continue.

They are such big girls…

May 23rd 2006
Teething is no fun

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Continuing the odd order in which their teeth come in, the girls now are cutting two more – this time lower molars. Needless to say, they are unhappy, don’t eat well, don’t sleep well. Poor little babies… :-(

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