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May 23rd 2006
An amazing commercial

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Thanks to Marty we found the (alledgedly) most popular internet commercial. It was made by Honda – based on the idea of tipping over domino pieces. Only the pieces here are parts of a car. Nothing in this clip is computer animation – it took 606 takes to actually shoot the final clip.

Click this link to the Honda ad in order to watch it.

May 20th 2006
A new server, again

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Amazing how easy all this was. And I believe I have everything up and running that I need. Please let me know if anything doesn’t work or seems broken… this is now displayed on the new box – lovingly called “Zwerg” ;-)

And while doing that I noticed that I hadn’t populated the last two postings out to my old server – oh well; this too will become easier with the new setup as I can now much easier edit the blog entries directly on the server where they are supposed to live.

May 20th 2006
A Walk to the Park

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While the weather forecast “promised” 50s and rain, the actual weather turned out to be much better today. We had a sunny day with temperatures in the mid 70s. Beautiful!

So after the girls had a long nap we went to the park – together with Jaja (I mean, Jacky) and Alexis and Eben, a friend of hers. The girls enjoyed climbing and playing around – S2 even tried to walk up the big slide. But the best thing were the swings! I am sure that Mutti remembers how excited the girls were on the swings when they were little. Now they have twice the fun. And were very upset when they had to leave.

All in all the day was a mixed bag. The girls were going back and forth between being miserable (new molars are coming in – that’s got to hurt) and being excited and happy. We had some tears but even more giggles. And they continue to amaze us… more and more they are enjoying to play with each other and literally walk away from us in order to have fun amongst themselves. That makes me so happy!

May 19th 2006
A Report from the Daycare

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Twice a year the daycare provides us with a written report on the developmental progress of our children. I would never admit to being a competitive parent (me? competitive? Ha!) – but of course one is always a bit concerned and wants to make sure that the children are on track – or ahead…

The reports are quite detailed and very much capture the differences between the two of them. S2 has better coordination and balance and is more physical. H2 has better language skills, both forming words and understanding what she is told. But all in all, both are doing very well.

Which makes this papa very happy.

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