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June 29th 2006
All is well

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It’s been a rough couple of weeks or so, but it seems like we are finally all healthy again. The girls are sleeping through the night (yeah!) and the parents are getting some rest, too. This morning they ate well at breakfast (also a first in more than a week) and were just positively goofy…

Yesterday I spent some time going through the photos that I have of the family – something like six thousand, give or take :-) It’s quite amazing how things have changed from the first pictures in China, but even from pictures taken just a few months ago.

But in many ways more dramatic is the change in behavior. They are getting so much more deliberate in their actions. You see them think about something and then act based on that. And they are really imitating our behavior. When H2 was upset for a moment this morning, not only did S2 bring her a binky (she’s done that for a while now), she also gently patted her head, then hugged her and tried to rock her (just like we do, only we don’t fall over and then roll on the floor giggling afterwards – but maybe I should try that).

June 27th 2006
Has it been a year already?

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I almost forgot to post about it… last Saturday, one year ago, I got the past-midnight phone call from K2 that informed me that we had our referral. It seems unbelievable that it’s been a year already. Then again, not having slept for much of the last ten months, it feels like centuries…

Anyway, just to commemorate… One of the more life-changing days.

June 26th 2006
Update from the triage unit…

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What can I say… S2 is well again. H2 started showing “symptoms” (i.e., throwing up and then a few of the worst diapers you can imagine) Thursday/Friday. And as of this morning K2 is sick (thankfully not throwing up… and no silly diaper jokes, please).

Strangely enough, the weekend was still very good. I did miss Angela’s wedding (outside, no shade, on one of the hottest days ever in June in Portland (around 100°F – 38°C)). But Tom was here (staying with us, attending the wedding) which is always very nice. And Sunday morning (before it got too hot) I went for a nice long walk with the girls in Tryon Creek Park which was a lot of fun. H2 wasn’t feeling great and slept through most of it, S2 was feeling well already again and was very curious and kept looking around. And no, I walked, I didn’t run in the park. Which was a good thing, as most of the runners who passed me in the park seemed to be of the 7 min/mls or faster category… wow.

I did go running with both of them this morning again and I think I am starting to really like this. I guess we need another stroller (stop laughing, Tove).

June 23rd 2006
Running with twins

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After the first run yesterday with just one of them in the twin stroller today came the real challenge. After the girls got up and had their morning bottle we put them both in the Valco stroller (which is partly off-road, partly running; most importantly you can lock the front wheels) and off I went. 2.5mls and to be honest – I went out too fast and was pretty soon running with heart-rates above my usual range. But that must have been the excitement as I really enjoyed the run.

A few things I need to still figure out… would a real running stroller be better? I’ll try with the one the neighbors have and we’ll see. Also, what’s the best way to run pushing a stroller? My shoulders and hands are tired and almost numb after the run… just one hand and swing the other arm? Both hands and swing the shoulders (I tried this – sure must look odd, but it’s better than not moving your shoulders). If you have suggestions, please send email…

But most importantly, the twins seemed to love it – they were curious and even sang at some point (what I interpret as singing… something like ‘aahhhhh’ which changes in pitch with the vibration of the stroller) ;-)

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