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July 31st 2006
Alone with the girls

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I’ve been alone with the girls many times, of course. But today was my first day as “single dad”. K2 and I both had them in the morning, but after breakfast it was “all Papa”. I dropped them of at day care. I picked them up in the evening, played with them, fed them, put them in bed.

I know, this is no big deal and K2 has done it about a hundred times when I was on business trips. But it was the first time that I did everything on my own. And all three of us had a great time.

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July 30th 2006
Too many pictures

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H2 Ok, I should start with an apology. I took a few pictures today (maybe 142, but who’s counting) and liked simply way too many of them. So there, that’s my excuse for this posting. S2 As so often, I was just fascinated by their facial expressions. The girls had had a not-so-great nap and I was trying to keep them entertained by playing with them in the living room. S2 (in the white shirt) is just making the “baby-sign” for frog. S2 H2 on the other hand is clearly giving me a look saying “watch out, buster…”. But it got better. First, S2 with her spontaneous channeling of Jacko (who wants a sock on their feet, anyway). S2 And then a clear sign of the adventurousness that was driving the rest of the afternoon. They know that they are not supposed to climb on the coffee table. That doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy doing it…

H2 H2 H2 spent a considerable amount of time making faces at the camera. With (if I may say so) rather stunning results. She clearly seemed to enjoy herself – and to enjoy the excitement of her Papa taking all those pictures. H2 H2 I have plenty more, these are just the ones that I liked best… But making faces wasn’t all that they did.

Explorers Explorers Explorers They were into exploring stuff. Like the air-condition-vent. Or something on the sofa (I can’t even begin to guess what that was).

Explorers But my absolute favorite picture for the day, and actually one of my favorite pictures of the six thousand or so that I’ve made of the girls so far, is the one on the right where they hug and smile. They’ve been doing that a lot, lately. It doesn’t always last (one might lose balance, one might push the other), but while it lasts it is just too cute for words.

Oh, I should mention some of the highlights of the rest of the day… We met Claudia, Charlie and Jun for breakfast and some play time in the park. And in the afternoon we went to a housewarming party. In between lots of walks in the stroller (and one run in the morning). This might not have been their best day, as several teeth are coming in. But it was a good one, nevertheless.

Oh, and one more thing… the girls don’t use baby bottles anymore. It’s all sippy-cups now. They are big!

July 29th 2006
Comments are now enabled

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Since quite a few people complained… I have now enabled comments on this blog. In order to comment you need to be in “one posting” display mode – the easiest way to get there is to click on the permanent link to a story. Then you’ll get a little form where you can fill in your comment and preview and then post it. Rather primitive at this point, but it works (I hope). Let me know what you think!

July 29th 2006
What an odd comment

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I’m still not sure if I should be insulted or if I just shrug this one off… I’ve been saying for a while that amazingly enough it seems that I don’t get rude and inappropriate comments when I’m in public with the girls. Today I got the first one that I would at least classify as “really odd”.

The girls and I were at the Multnomah Village Starbucks just a few blocks from home. We were sitting outside and as usual I was speaking German with them. A man who had sat around the corner had to pass us in order to leave and said to me (in heavily accented German) “Sind Sie deutsch?” (“are you German?”) to which I said “Ja, ich bin Deutscher”. He looks at the twins and says “die sind aber nicht deutsch” (“but they are not German”).

I behaved myself and all I responded was “Nein, meine Kinder sind auch Deutsche” (“nope, my kids are Germans, too”). And I didn’t add a word that starts with ‘a’ and rhymes with “lamp-pole” – even though I was thinking it. Good boy.

The weirdest thing about it is that K2 wasn’t with me, so I could easily be a German married to a Chinese woman and the girls could have been my biological children.

People are odd.

Thankfully, that was the only “not so great” thing that happened today. The rest of it was just a blast. In the morning we went to toddler gymnastics again. This time Denise came with us and we outnumbered the girls which turned this into even more fun for the adults (you get a moment off every once in a while). And the girls are really getting into it. They even liked the foam pit and started to try to hop on the bouncing track.

After that the five of us had a nice lunch at Marco’s (if you arrive at 11am the wait for a table isn’t too bad – don’t try this at noon on a Saturday – when we left there were at least 20 people waiting). The girls and I all took a long nap (I had been up with them on and off since 3am and was a little tired as well) – I actually slept on the air mattress in their room which made things much easier for everyone.

In the afternoon the girls and I took a long walk (including the stop at Starbucks I mentioned above) and then went to the playground at Custer Park. That was fun – first we were alone, but then other kids and other parents came as well. They were playing on the swings, climbed up the play structure and went down the slide. Over and over again.

The day (so far) ended with dinner at “dog pizza” (as we call the Lucky Lab – after all, you can bring your dog (even though we didn’t)). Judie and Bill joined us for dinner and we all had a great time. Now the girls are asleep and the parents are unwinding.

Even with the first weird comment – it was a great day.

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