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September 30th 2006
Art in the garden

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S2 and H2 drawing After a fun morning with gymnastics (aka toddler-tumbling) and Chinese Autumn Moon Festival (pictures from that should be coming – Denise took her camera and I left mine behind, so I need to wait till I can get the pictures from her), we had a somewhat more relaxed afternoon. S2 drawing One of the highlights was drawing with giant crayons. A few things were quickly clear. First, this is as much about “how many crayons can I hold at the same time?” and “I need all the crayons, my sister doesn’t need any!” as it is about actually drawing. H2 drawing And second, this takes a lot of concentration. It is not a joking matter and not to be interrupted by over-eager photographers!

I was amazed how long the girls stayed with it, though. Normally their attention span for things like this tends to be rather limited. But they were coloring for about 20 minutes. And then they showed off Montessori behavior: “we’re done now, let’s clean up!” – they actually got the box for the crayons from the other table and tried to put them all back in.

They are amazing!

September 29th 2006
It all sounds so familiar…

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I had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. D again. They are ten days away from meeting their son for the first time. Excited, nervous, slightly incoherent. It’s amazing how familiar it all sounds – it’s been only a little more than a year that we were in that same spot. And went through the same roller-coaster of emotions.

We laughed together, shared stories and expectations, made plans to get the seven of us together once they are back and settled in (yeah right). We missed K2 who once again had the short straw and couldn’t come – there was no way we could put the girls in a plane already again. Nor can we really leave them alone over night with anyone at this point…

Still, it was a great evening – and the D’s (some of us are more concerned about their privacy then others) seemed to truly enjoy the toddler party pack K2 made for them.

My friends, enjoy the trip – it will be the best trip of your lifes. And your life will never be the same again. Sure hasn’t been the same for us ;-)

September 27th 2006
My little models

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S2 and H2 Some people are making fun of me for taking so many pictures of my children (come on, it’s only about seven thousand so far, give or take a few). But I begin to see the point – when I got out the camera to get a picture of the girls in their cute skirts, they stood up on the sofa and smiled for the camera… Oh well, can’t blame them from wanting to look cute, I guess.

It’s amazing to watch them grow – they do new things every day. Right now they are determined to learn how to hop – it’s something they see in their toddler “gymnastics” class, but now they try doing it at home on the carpet. S2 actually manages to sort of jump in the air with both feet. H2 leaves one foot on the floor and “hops” with the other one. Too cute.

When K2 picked them up from daycare we learned that there’s a new boy in their class. Who apparently only speaks German. We don’t know much more at this point – but I’m quite curious!

September 25th 2006
Happy girls

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H2 and S2 I know I often say this – our girls tend to be very happy in general. And sometimes I think I found a few pictures that can really show that. Like these here. I think you can really see it in their faces and their body language. I have more along these lines (at least two dozen that I took today), but I thought I’d post a small set to show what I mean ;-)
H2 and S2 H2 and S2

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