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October 31st 2006

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Also known as National Blog Posting Month. A fun idea to get people to write more. Every participant promises to update their blog every day of the month of November. I have averaged more than 20 postings a month the last few months, so this should be doable. On the other hand I will have a couple of international business trips next month, so there’s a challange…

Join the fun and look at the official NaBloPoMo page.

October 31st 2006

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H2 as lion S2 as monkey Halloween was not something we had in Germany when I was a kid – but my family tells me that it’s becoming popular these days – I guess kids everywhere like the idea of walking around and getting an overdose of candy… Ours of course are a little to young for motives like that – but they still seemed to have fun!

It’s a good thing that the girls had really warm Halloween costumes. Because it’s cold and windy tonight. But thanks to our Lion and our Monkey being really warm, all was well.

Marianne and Ella We actually went trick-or-treating with our friend Marianne, her daughter Ella (who turned one today – Happy Birthday Ella!) and her brother-in-law AJ (and her dog Grecor). S2, K2, H2, AJ, Grecor, Marianne and Ella Peter (the husband / father / brother) was at rehearsal for the opera production he has a part in. We missed you Peter!

S2, D, K2 and H2 My camera was in a strange mood and sometimes didn’t realize that the flash had fired and still kept the shutter open a very long time – which created interesting visual effects – very Halloween like, actually.

S2, in front of K2 and H2 But then it remembered what it was supposed to do and went back to the normal picture taking routine. That’s nice, too. K2 and H2 with Reggie K2 with S2 and H2 I love the picture with S2 well lit in the foreground and K2 and H2 behind her in the dark – it makes S2 look so independent. And she absolutely was tonight. She loved it when I allowed her to walk on her own and carry her basket!

At first we took Reggie with us, but we were running out of hands and Grecor and Reggie kept crossing their leashes. So we decided to leave him in the yard and finish our tour without him.

We had a very nice first Halloween with the girls (last year business-trip-hell kept me away on Halloween). Life is good.

October 30th 2006
Why don’t more people volunteer?

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Today K2 volunteered at the daycare for the first time. She stayed after dropping off the girls and read books to the children and participated in some of the other activities. From what the daycare indicated very few of the parents do that – which is a shame, as it gives you an opportunity to participate in an environment that your children are spending a lot of time in. And it gives you a chance to play with other children.

Weird as it may sound, I’m almost envious – my schedule doesn’t really allow me to do that. And as much as 15 months ago I wouldn’t have thought that I would want to – now I think this would be fun.

In other news – it’s getting colder here. Today the girls for the first time were wearing the warm overalls that Oma bought for them – and they loved them! Sorry, no pictures (shocking, I know).

But it’s not only getting colder, it’s also getting darker. With the end of daylight savings time it is dark by the time the girls come home. Speaking of which – I always wondered about people who complain that the change of one hour is hard for them. I never really felt that way, and with all my traveling an hour feels irrelevant. The girls of course disagree. They are having a very hard time with it – waking up way too early in the morning (starting to get restless at 3am and the last two mornings, one of them up at 4am). Not so good… but of course I assume that this will get better in a few days.

Tomorrow should be exciting. Their first Halloween where they go “trick-or-treat”-ing. This year this is admittedly mostly fun for the adults – but I hope they’ll have a good time as well. I’ll try to take pictures ;-)

October 29th 2006
They are so big!

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I’m sure this will eventually become the most frequent title of all of my blog postings…

This afternoon we went to the park to have them run and play for a while. And two things brought back this common thought – they are so big now! First, we met a couple with their ten month-old son; who was about the size they were when we brought them home. How tiny! Wow.

And then, while we were talking to other parents, our girls played with each other, chasing each other around the play ground and having a blast – all while we stood there and had a chat. That’s NICE! Especially since one of the other parents was the father of seven year-old identical twin girls who told us that at least with his girls the constant need for parent entertainment pretty soon was gone and they entertained each other…

On totally unrelated news, of course we aren’t the only ones with almost two year-old toddlers… Tonight we finally called the D’s – or as we now call them “Charlie’s family”. They have been back in the US for a week now and are beginning to settle in. We’ve got to go visit them – I can’t wait to meet Charlie! And while we’re there we could do a twin and near-twin party as both Mary-Mia, Rod and their twins Rose and Mary and Donna, Andrew and Gwen and Maddy appear to be living near by. That should be fun – or utter chaos :-)

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