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November 30th 2006
Not again, part… I lost track…

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It seems hard to believe. But I’ll be leaving for China on Monday, and K2 and the girls are getting sick. How is that possible? It seems unlikely that H2 and S2 can time their illnesses according to my travel schedule. And yet, this is too predictable to appear coincidental.

Well, this time they are a few days early – maybe we’re lucky and they’ll be better by the time I leave…

November 29th 2006

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Some days the girls surprise me with what seem to be major leaps in development. I usually wonder if I just didn’t pay enough attention before or if these things really happen in such a non-linear fashion.

Anyway, this morning, when H2 and I talked about the colors on her place mat, H2 said “Oot, lau, güü, li-a” and “yellow”. For the non-German speakers, the first four are close enough to red, blue, green and purple that I was impressed. Strangely enough, instead of “gelb” she always says the English “yellow” – and does so with near-perfect pronounciation.

Way cool.

November 28th 2006
Airline seats

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A harmless little article in the Personal Journal of the Wall Street Journal today caught my attention. Turns out that Southwest Airlines is limiting the recline of the seats in their planes to only 3 inches – so that the people behind you can use a laptop computer.

Why am I boring you with this? Because a) I fly a lot (though not normally on Southwest) and b) I continue to be impressed how companies continue to give us bad news and try to make it sound like they are doing us a favor. No more meals on most flights? That was to give us more choice from the “buy on board” meals. No more pillows? That’s to ensure consistent service for all passengers. Etc.

All the airlines do this, and the spiral of worse and worse service is impressive. The only exception to that rule is if you become a “top frequent flyer”. By the time you fly 100,000 (on in my case, 150,000) miles with an airline, they suddenly become much more accomodating and much more interested in keeping you happy. United, for example, gives you prefered check-in, occasional upgrades, and most importantly, access to what they call “Economy Plus”. An economy class that actually still has acceptable seat pitch and decent recline. Let’s not confuse ourselves. It’s not all that comfortable. It’s just less miserable as what many others are offering.

November 27th 2006
Separation Anxiety?

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Not quite sure if that describes it, but especially H2 has been showing an odd behavior lately. She’s not concerned about separation from us when we drop her off at day care. But after we get home in the evening she just wants to be held by mama. Not by papa. Mama. And cries if that doesn’t happen. Which makes making dinner and eating rather hard for K2.

We of course try not to give in – so I engage her (or both) while K2 is cooking and we try other things to get her to relax, but overall we’re not really succeeding. Thankfully, S2 does not show similar behavior.

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