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January 31st 2007
The girls are healthy!

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I am traveling (in the Bay Area this week) – and the girls are healthy! A break in our tradition? Fear not. K2 is sick.


Whenever I’m gone there’s either at least one of them sick, or a snow storm, or some other incident that makes my absence harder on K2… someone really doesn’t want me to travel… but that’s a big part of my job.


And I’m not the one who’s sick and alone with twin toddlers…

Send condolences, gift baskets, non-fat lattes at 7am and offers to baby-sit to K2, please… I’ll be back Friday evening and leave for my next trip on Sunday morning.

Flames about my negligence in the comments will help me work on my guilt (even though that’ll be hard to top), but won’t really help K2 as much as the other suggestions…

January 29th 2007
I’m a bad dad

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Ok. Now I said it.

Why, you ask? Sure, if you force me to, I can share my dark secrets:

When the girls come home from daycare, just before dinner time, they tend to be cranky. It’s a combination of being hungry, tired, over-stimulated and maybe a few other ingredients. They whine, they cry, they are showing all the parts of being two that you don’t really want to be shown. Do I make balloon animals to cheer them up? Or crayon art? Sing them songs (I try, but I’m worried they’d use that against me later)? Or amazing hand-finger-point-rhyme things? Like any decent father would?

Nope. I succumb to my daughters looking at me with their big brown eyes, shaking their little tushes and saying “A WIGGLE!!!” – often while making the sign for “please”. And then I turn on the Wiggles on TV (actually, they prefer the DVDs to the TV shows – much more singing and wiggling, I mean, dancing).

I guess I shouldn’t admit that we just ordered five more DVDs…

January 28th 2007
Dancing Girls

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The music is very faint – it’s an Irish folk song of some sort. I just love the rather complicated moves that they are trying to imitate. Normally they “dance” more (more hopping) but of course that doesn’t happen when you have the camera ready…

January 27th 2007

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S2I know that I have mentioned it many times… we are still having a hard time telling the girls apart. I am getting much better (which means, my success rate is creeping above 50%), but still. Especially when I just have a quick glance – unless I remember who is wearing what today, I’m lost.

H2Thankfully my mother got them each a little golden bracelet. You can see them on many of the pictures and I have tried to highlight them here in these pictures from last week. K2 came up with the idea to put them on different wrists – we started doing that from the third day in China (if I remember correctly – and frankly, that’s not saying much, given just how “out-of-it” I was the first few weeks). S2 has it on the right, H2 on the left. And for people who can’t remember that I keep telling them “S2 has an ‘r’ in it, so S2 is the one with the bracelet on the right wrist”.

Unfortunately, at toddler tumbling class today, H2’s bracelet ripped – so right now she is the one with no bracelet while we wait for the jeweler to repair this very useful accessory (which has so much sentimental value for us).

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