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February 28th 2007
The usual

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I’m out of town (this time not too far away – at Skamania Lodge in the Columbia Gorge). The results on my family are as expected…

  • At least one girl sick? check – this time it’s K2.
  • Inclement weather to make it worse? check – it’s snowing again.
  • Bad night caused by (fill in the trigger factor)? check – S2 managed to wedge her hands into her diaper and soaked herself, her clothes, he blanket and sheets.

Just the usual, I guess.

February 26th 2007
Sorry, S2 is not handling her own travel arrangements…

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I know, I shouldn’t make fun of the nice people in Mumbai or Bangalore (or, as it is now called Bengalooru) who are attending the phones of most US corporations… but sometimes it is hard to resist. So I won’t.

Today we got a phone call from a woman with a rather noticeable Indian accent asking to speak to S2. Since the girls already have received their share of credit card solicitations K2 was trying to find out what this was all about. And was told that this was regarding a travel reservation to Germany in June that S2 has made. “I’m sorry, but S2 doesn’t handle her own travel arrangements”, K2 told her – and passed the phone on to me.

The rest of the conversation was unremarkable (except for the frequent “could you say that again”); what was odd is that I am a rather (oops) frequent flier with serious “status” on United, this trip was actually booked by me based on miles out of my account. S2 and I are on the same itinerary and S2 a request for has a children’s meal. Yet, they decided to try to speak to her, not me.

Oh well. K2 will tell her tonight that the schedule of the second flight of our trip changed. I’m sure she’ll want to know.

February 24th 2007
Playing dress-up

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S2 and H2As I mentioned before, some of our friends (mostly, I think, Jaja) are giving us hand-me-down clothes for the girls that will fit them in a year (or three). Which is just fine, we simply keep them packed until the time comes. On Thursday K2 had the brilliant idea to get out some of those too large (and therefore easy to put on) clothes. The girls love playing dress-up. Today I actually had my camera ready and took a few pictures.

Like the little models that I often jokingly call them (and which is scarily the most frequent search term that gets people to my blog), they were more then happy to show off what they had picked. Before the fashion police comes and takes me away, let me point out that they picked all but the bottom layer of what they are wearing (and H2 even took off the pants I put on her this morning). So color and pattern combinations and the massive layering are fashion choices made by the twins, not by Papa…


S2 helps H2S2 helps H2As we come to expect from them, they were actually quite cooperative while putting things on. It’s just much easier when sister helps out adjusting the seam and making sure everything fits “just right”.

All this happened with lots of giggling, many screams of joy, intermittent hopping on their beds and occasional requests for Papa to lend a hand if things really got stuck (they both frequently end up putting both of their little legs into the same pant leg – which usually requires grown-up intervention).

S2The next two pictures in many ways deserve their own posting, they just happened to be taken during dress-up.

I think they show why I say that a) they are so goofy that I regularly roll on the floor laughing; and I mean that quite literally. And b) that they are simply gorgeous. It happens to be S2 in both pictures – but that’s coincidence.

S2To frame the context for the first picture – S2 had just stolen a pair of pants from H2, was running away from her screaming in delight and at the same time avoiding Papa who was telling her to return her bounty immediately to her sister (who was wearing only seven (or so) pieces of clothing at that point and clearly unhappy about the loss).

I can’t even remember what happened in the black & white picture. Just one of those lucky shots that happen when you take 130+ pictures within 20 minutes of play time. S2 is actually looking at my off-camera flash here, which creates the dramatic lighting…

But that wasn’t all for the ‘amazing’ category for today. Later we were playing in the living room, the girls sitting at their little desks and drawing with crayons. Suddenly they start asking me to draw animals for them. A bunny. A cat. A butterfly. A bird. A duck. A fish. Every time using the word (usually English) plus the ASL sign. What the heck??? They had never done this before. I didn’t even realize that they connected the concepts to the pictures (not that my pictures looked anything like the animals they requested – I’m the worst person on earth when it comes to drawing stuff). I’m amazed. What else is new.

February 23rd 2007
Gimme a D – this week’s FFFFC

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Donna has a slightly different FFFFC up this week. Everyone who wants to play is assigned a letter and then has to post pictures of ten things that he/she likes or loves that start with that letter.
For me Donna picked the letter ‘D’. It took me quite a while to wrap my mind around this – but looking at a couple of the other entries I think I finally figured it out. Donna gave me the option to use German words, but given where I wanted to go, English is much better… So here are my ten things starting with ‘D’…
Robert L's daughter K2

Robert L’s daughter aren
Being a dad

Being a dad
Our daughters

Our daughters1

Denise (a wonderful friend and the artist who took the “dad” picture)
Dinner at home

Dinner at home
Double latte

A double latte
our dog Reggie

Our dog Reggie
Digital photography

Digital photography
The D's

The D‘s

Donna, who comes with these great challenges

1yes, that’s cheating, but I am clearly not talking about the same person as above

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