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March 31st 2007
What’s up with me this month?

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Not counting this one I had 40 posts this month. There’s one single month since I have had this blog when I posted more than this and that was 42 posts in August 2005. Wonder what we did that month that made me post so much… :-)

Anyway, hope you’re still enjoying this as much as I am… I met so many nice and fun and sometimes amazing people through this blog. Way cool.

Thanks for reading – and if you’ve never commented or sent email but are a regular reader… why don’t you de-lurk and let me know? I’m curious who is following this blog… the statistics indicate that I have more than 100 regular readers by now and adding everyone I know who reads this gets me only to about 40…

March 31st 2007
And here I hoped we were better role models

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Last year my brother Jürgen and his wife Birgit gave H2 and S2 little twin baby dolls for Christmas. And for the longest time our girls didn’t really play with those dolls as “babies”. Just today they finally started. And had me worried… maybe they aren’t quite ready for parenthood, yet…

It all started well. The girls started calling them “baby” and were really sweet and caring and carried them around. But later that was followed by smacking them on the floor, flinging them onto the beds in the girls room (and I mean “flying through the air”-flinging), carrying them by having one of the dolls’ hands in their mouth and finally dumping them in the used clothes hamper and saying “bye-bye baby”.


Let’s just say that they didn’t learn that from us, ok?

March 31st 2007
My little artist

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Welcome to a new category on this blog.

In “look at that” you will find pictures taken by the twins. Not art created by them as in Cupcake Art, but pictures that they took with a digital camera!

When we visited Charlie and his family last month, Mrs.D gave them each a “camera” – a cute toy that they love playing around with, but that doesn’t take pictures. And today I figured “what the heck” and gave them my old very first digital camera. It’s still hard for them to actually press the shutter and hold it long enough to focus and shoot, but H2 figured it out after a while. And below I present you with the first two works of this upcoming artist. These two pictures have not been cropped or digitally enhanced in any way; the only post-processing was to converted to a lower resolution for inclusion in this blog. As always, click to get a bigger version.

“Blocks” by H2“Papa’s foot” by H2

March 30th 2007
I got a kiss

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Technically, I got two…

S2 had done this before, but today was the first time both of them did it, one after another. I say to them “gib mir einen Kuss!” (give me a kiss) and they will take out their binky (this was in the morning, right after they got up – and they still have binkies when they sleep, ride in the car / stroller, or when they are upset) and give me a kiss on the cheek.

Awwwww – parenthood has so many perks…

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