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April 30th 2007
Portraits of Papa

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The previous post reminded me that I urgently needed to update the look at that series of posts with the latest master pieces taken by the girls. This series actually was taken last Sunday.

The one that blows me away is the last one – S2 took a picture of me taking a picture of them. No kidding, no help, just a little cropping (they can’t really use the zoom on the cameras, yet). BTW, if you don’t believe me, check the bottom of my post from last weekend for the picture that I took a few seconds later…

Papa from belowPapa cleaning upPapa up closePapa taking pictures

April 30th 2007
S2 at home

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S2 and PapaThis morning S2 still wasn’t doing any better so we decided to keep her home. She’s really going up and down on this – phases where she seems perfectly fine, and then back to fever and whiny; dang. I really hope she’ll do better tomorrow – H2 clearly has the virus (or whatever it was) behind her and enjoyed her day alone at daycare. Interesting factoid – the head-teacher at daycare pointed out that every time when S2 is there and H2 is not, S2 is very upset and misses her sister. H2, on the other hand, didn’t appear to miss her sister at all today. Not sure what this tells us, though.

Anyway, for reasons that I can’t quite explain I didn’t take any pictures of S2 today. But I had this picture that I took with a delayed shutter yesterday – and this is as good an excuse as any to post it. Yeah, no glasses and I look like I’m on drugs – but come on, it’s better than no picture, right? And S2’s cuteness easily makes up for having me in the picture.

April 29th 2007
Thinking Blogger Award

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Thinking Blogger AwardOh bother. I read many blogs. An embarrassing number. And most of them are smart and funny and many of them make me think. And I admire many of the authors and almost all of them have been nominated in the past week for Thinking Blogger Award. And somehow (I guess mainly since all other smart blog authors had been nominated already) Senja decided to nominate me…

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m flattered and honored and stuff. But here’s a real problem. An amazing number of blogs have already been nominated (partly because this is a “you get nominated, nominate five more” kind of snowball thing). And so I’m not sure if we are reaching the range of diminishing returns here. So I considered this for a day and then decided to simply nominate my five favorite Blogs That Make Me Think, regardless whether they’ve been nominated before or not – this way everyone on the list knows that they were nominated because I mean it, not because I ran out of ideas.

  • The Further Adventures of SpaceMom: SpaceMom has taught me to think about the the challenges that depression can bring to ones life. Her blog is awesome for many other reasons – but this is about making me think, right?
  • Twins – The long journey to China for our babies: Mimi (the grandma who writes the blog) made me think about the fact that even the worst and most unthinkable tragedy isn’t the end of it.
  • Looky Daddy: TheDad mostly makes me laugh. But he also makes me think about all the facets of parenting twins that life sometimes throws at you.
  • Going to China… bringing back more than a t-shirt: Gen made me think about the fact that adoption from China can be much more than bringing home one (or two) cute little girls.
  • Zella: K2 makes me think about the fact that I’m the luckiest guy on this planet.

There you have it. Your turn.

April 28th 2007
Short post

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After nap we went to the zoo with our good friend Tom and two other adoption families (for a total of five children from China). I wanted to post so much about that. But I’m just too tired (I wonder why). So instead I just leave you with two pictures of the girls that I took today. S2 is on the left…


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