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May 31st 2007
Getting ready

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The suitcases are packed. The carry-on bags are ready, just a few last minute items to put in tomorrow morning. We still mourn the days when we went carry-on only – including our trip to China to pick up the girls…

The house sitter arrived and is settled in. All the instructions have been discussed, all the pets will be fine – Ollie will spend the time at the vet, as he still gets regular subcutaneous fluids – not really something you want to ask a friend to take care of.

Twelve hours from now we’ll be heading to the airport, first stop in Chicago. We’ll get together with another family from our travel group. We haven’t seen them since our stop on the way back from Germany last fall and are looking forward to spending time with them!

I’m of course taking my laptop and my camera. And H1’s house has wireless Internet. So I hope I’ll be able to “keep you posted” :-)

May 29th 2007
Santa Fe

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Just so you didn’t think I’d be hanging around at home all week, getting ready for our trip to Germany (leaving for Chicago, our first stop on Friday!!!)

I made it to Santa Fe today (beautiful place, btw) and will fly back tomorrow. And when I arrived here I realized that I hadn’t been to New Mexico before. I’ll have to admit that I’m not even close to having been in all 50 states. I think I actually am closer to having been to 50 countries. Oh well.

The girls woke up right before my alarm was supposed to go off this morning: 4:40am. K2 tried to get them back to sleep but that wasn’t happening. They were hopping and giggling and happy. At 5am. I know – it’s all my fault. One of those fateful remarks that I made (“my children will be morning people” – what was I thinking? Almost as silly as the title of this blog…).

K2 told me that they had a great day, are getting bossy (especially S2, it seems) but were simply adorable. I can believe that.

May 28th 2007
Playing in the backyard

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Mostly an excuse to post pictures – what else is new. The first two are just for warm-up. The girls still like their little play structure.

H2 and S2 on their play structureH2 and S2 on their play structure

The next two crack me up. First the way S2 peeks over the wall to see if I am still taking pictures. And then H2 checking if S2 has a “stinkybutt”. They are just hilarious when asked if they need a diaper change…

S2 checks if the Papa-razzi is still thereH2 checks S2’s diaper

May 28th 2007

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The girls are working on being polite. Ok. We are working on the girls learning to be polite. So for most things that they want, we make them say (or at least sign) “please”.

“Uppy!” (pick me up – no, not a word in German) – “Was möchtest Du?” (what would you like?) – “Uppy bi-e!” (think the first half of the word “beer” and then a Canadian saying “eh?” – my daughters pronunciation of “Bitte”).

Or, if they are thinking in English at the moment, “Uppy pease!”.

Often they forget to repeat the original request and just say “bi-e!”. Or “pease”. Which on Memorial Day sounded a lot like “Peace” to me.

That’s a great request, my daughters. I wish someone was working on that.

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