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June 28th 2007
Let me interrupt you for a moment…

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I know I have mentioned in the past that I think K2 is just awesome – best wife I cold possibly have.

Now there’s some outside confirmation for my admittedly potentially biased opinion… Mrs. Figby publicly declared her a “goddess”. I can only agree.

June 27th 2007
Things I like about Ottawa

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  • It’s so much fun to get here. Yesterday, for example, it took 13 hours (including a 3.5 hour delay of my Chicago – Ottawa flight due to weather). Come to think of it, it’s faster to go from Portland to Tokyo or Frankfurt. No kidding.
  • The weather is so nice here in the summer. This morning, for example, at 6am when I went running it was 76°F (25°C) and 85% humidity. Perfect. If you are an alligator.
  • Prices are so reasonable. At least they were until the CAD became more or less the same as the USD. Yikes – now this feels like Manhattan; except that it’s Ottawa.

But hey, I don’t want to sound as if I didn’t like it here – it’s not terrible. There’s a perfect running track alongside the Rideau Canal. Flat and beautiful. And once the cold front comes in (allegedly tomorrow or Thursday) it might even be fun to run with more reasonable morning temperatures. And the prices aren’t really the Canadians fault. Nor is the travel mess called Chicago.

I’ve been here every summer for the last seven or eight years. It’s a good conference (Ottawa Linux Symposium for those who care). But I’d really love for the conference to be moved to a different place for a change. We did that with the Linux Kernel Summit this year that used to be co-located to OLS. But maybe we should move the main conference around as well.

How about Vancouver. Or Seattle. Or Portland?

June 26th 2007
Guess where I am?

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At an airport, of course… this time O’Hare, waiting for my flight to Ottawa.

Leaving is getting harder and harder. The girls really notice and understand. And cry and cry and cry.

It breaks my heart. And while they understand that I am leaving, they don’t quite understand when I tell them that I’ll be back soon and that I won’t travel for a few weeks after that. Darn. Shoot. Dang.

Not a happy Papa.

Even worse, yesterday when they came home from daycare, for the first time ever they actually told me what they did there! For the last year and a half I always asked them “was habt Ihr heute im Kindergarten gemacht?” (“What did you do at daycare today?”) – or a variation thereof. And yesterday they said. “play outside! play water!” Yes, they answered in English – they were way too excited to tell me to figure this out in German. I nearly cried.

And after they did this amazing thing, the next day Papa leaves them again.

Sucks. Papa sucks.

June 24th 2007
Pictures, anyone?

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H2 and S2 on the sofaBefore they got dressed this morning, the girls and I were hanging out downstairs. And after I finished the earlier post I realized that I needed another picture for my Picture a Month Gallery. And since none of yesterday’s pictures was a really good shot with both of them I decided to take a few more (around 50 or so) :-)

Turns out that was a good idea as the girls were in a really goofy mood. A few pictures into the series they stopped wanting me to take pictures – and those are some of the best pictures that I took.

But for the gallery I picked the one on the right which was one of the early ones. S2 has her arm around H2. I just love that picture.

H2 and S2 on the sofa, being goofyH2 and S2 on the sofa, done having pictures takenH2 and S2 on the sofa, still done having pictures takenH2 and S2 on the sofa, really done having pictures taken

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