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July 29th 2007
It’s been a while

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H2 and S2 drawingNo, I’m not talking about the time since the last time I posted pictures. I’m talking about the time since we had a baby sitter and went out for a romantic dinner. That’s been more than two months ago! But today we had Claudia put them to bed while we indulged at one of our all time favorite places here in the neighborhood – Alba Osteria. Yummy.

The picture was taken yesterday – the girls were sitting at their desks and drawing like mad. Currently an activity they really enjoy. Oh, and if the picture looks vaguely familiar, check this post from three-and-a-half months ago…

The weekend was fun – the zoo on Friday, toddler tumbling, swimming and IKEA yesterday, and visiting a friend today. But maybe the highlight of the weekend was the fact that Oma finally has DSL and my brother kindly installed a web camera and Skype on her system. So this morning we did a video call and the girls got to see and talk to Oma. They were thrilled. And kept talking about it long after the call had ended. I hope this will be something we can do every week!

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July 28th 2007
Know no fear

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Today in swimming class, teacher Emily worked with the girls alone (normally this is a parent/child class where each of us is working with one of the girls). She put the two girls on the first step in the pool and instructed them to “kick-kick-kick” so that they would kick their little fins while sitting. She reached for H2 to help her kick. And in this short little moment, S2 jumped forward and kicked-kicked-kicked and more or less started swimming. Emily noticed that one was getting away and lurched after her, but the situation was just too cute. No fear whatsoever. She was told to kick, so she did and started swimming.

I love these girls.

After swimming class we visited our latest local sight. As of last Wednesday Portland has an IKEA. We went there, had dinner, bought some stuff for the kids and generally had a great time. I got to buy a wooden train set. For the girls. Really. Why are you laughing?

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July 27th 2007
Retro Friday (1994)

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An unnamed young man and D in 1994This is almost current. Ok, it’s thirteen years ago and thankfully I don’t look like this anymore. Neither does, frankly, the other person in this picture, who shall remain nameless for now… btw – he turned 46 two days ago…

This was taken spring 94. This was the time when I lived in the US for the first time – in Northern Virginia (quite different from Oregon, let me tell you). Linux was young, very young, and some of us organized the first ever Linux conference. Linux Kongress in Heidelberg, Germany. All of the core developers came (and in 94 that wasn’t such a big crowd). It was great.

This picture was taken in a beer garden, but back then I didn’t drink any alcohol at all, so that’s most likely apple juice in front of me…

July 24th 2007
No pictures

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Well, normally I try to post and have pictures when we have completed another month as a family. Yesterday it has been 23 months since we first met our daughters. Two things are conspiring against that regular post: On the one hand I am extremely busy this week (two major Linux and open source conferences are in town this week – I didn’t get home until after 11pm yesterday), and on the other hand even though I was home early enough today, it didn’t seem like a good idea to take pictures…

This morning K2 got a call from daycare at work stating that H2 had an accident, but that it “looks much worse than it is”. And that’s a good thing – her face really doesn’t look all that good – but she does appear to be just fine. Either way, I definitely don’t want a picture of my daughter with a big bruise on her face on the web…

So no, we haven’t forgotten. But no pictures right now. I may have to take a picture from last week for the picture a month gallery.

Other than that, things are going ok. Potty training is making absolutely no progress, but the girls are happy. Things at work are insanely busy but they are fun and at least I’m here and get to see my family in the morning and at least a couple of evenings. Of course a couple of weeks of lots of travel are ahead…

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