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August 31st 2007
Yoda, anyone?

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This morning the girls came into the bathroom with the words “Papa, cute you are!”.

But it turns out they weren’t channeling Yoda – K2 told them “show Papa how cute you are”. And they did.

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August 30th 2007
They are talking up a storm

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K2 disagrees with me when I say in conversations that I believe that our girls are slightly behind in language development. I guess she’s comparing with “expected language skill” of “average children of their age” – while I of course compare with the children of their age that have exceptionally well developed language skills. I need to learn not to do that.

As a first step in this process, let me point out that at right now the girls are more or less talking non-stop. And more and more of what they are saying is understandable and makes sense. We are working on basic politeness; when they want something they say “bitte” or “please”. And they now do this in full sentences (sometimes). Like “Papa, mehr juice, bitte” (yeah, well, they haven’t quite figured out the language separation). And more and more they are talking to each other in conversations that I can follow. Negotiating what to play next. Arguing about who’s turn it might be (that conversation happens at least a hundred times a day, it seems). Bossing each other around (with S2 doing more of the bossing). Comforting each other. Telling us what they just did. Etc.

Pretty awesome.

S2 and H2 working on my computerAnd even if it may seem that I have handed over blogging duties to the girls recently (given the attention span I have shown) – rest assured that all they did here was rebalance our investment portfolio…

They love imitating what we do. Like S2 taking a phone call, including the eye roll (I refuse to discuss who it might be they are imitating there). Or H2 showing how pleased she is with my taking of pictures.

S2 on the phoneH2 approves

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August 27th 2007
A carrot?

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From the “I am not making this up!”-department…

Yesterday after being put to bed, H2 asked for “a carrot”. Since we didn’t know what she wanted we figured we’d give it a try and brought her a carrot. Which she happily took and held on to throughout the night.

Tonight they both wanted a carrot.

No, I can’t explain it, either.

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August 23rd 2007

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730 days ago we met for the first time. 730 days of being a father. So much has happened. So much has changed. I don’t even know where to begin.

Here you have it, our traditional picture for the family day anniversary. H2 and S2 holding their referral picture. Last year I was on a business trip in China, so K2 posted the corresponding picture. Just for comparison, I’ll add it and a picture from two years ago below.

H2 and S2

H2 and S2 - Aug 23, 2006S2, K2 and H2, Aug 23, 2005

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