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September 29th 2007
I might still be a runner after all

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It’s funny, when asked I have identified myself as “a runner” for about the last six or seven years. Mind you, I’ve never been fast – a normal training run these days is somewhere between 11 and 12 minutes per mile and even in the best days three years ago my race pace tended to be around 9 minutes per mile (depending on the distance – I still haven’t managed to break the two hours on a half marathon and that is a goal that I haven’t given up on, yet).

I hated running as a kid and only started it in my early thirties when I had gotten so fat that even I admitted that I had to do something about it (I peaked at 287 pounds or 131 kg – this may be the first time that I admit that in public). And running was a great way to lose weight. I’m still not skinny but as long as I keep running three or four times a week I can keep my weight around 230 / 105.

Enter the girls. Mileage plummeted. Three or four runs a month became the norm. Twice in those two years did I try to get started again. And failed to sustain it. And right now I’m at it again, but with a new ally. K2 is making sure that I have Saturday mornings to myself. She takes care of the girls when they wake up, feeds them and then takes them to Princess Ballet class. And I have time to do a “long run”. There’s NO WAY I am not doing it. K2 is not exactly a morning person. When she volunteers to take the girls in the morning I might as well get my lazy behind out there and run. And now that I told the world you all are cordially invited to check on my progress and ask me every once in a while if I’m still running… There’s one person who’s especially invited. She did two Ironman Triathlons (for those who don’t know, that’s a 2.4 mile (3.86 kilometer) ocean swim, followed by a 112 mile (180.2 kilometer) bike ride, and ending with a 26 7/32 mile (42.195 kilometer) marathon; yes, on the same day, back to back to back) and now trains other athletes who do triathlons and at the same time raises money for cancer research. Check out that link – I think she could still use some sponsors and every dollar counts… Mrs. D – you rock and will always be someone who has me awed… And no, I won’t run, bike or swim against you.

Anyway, back to my story… “Well, this is once a week…?” I hear you ask. Correct. But as the runs get longer I really need to do a couple or three shorter runs a week to build up the strength to do this. So this will (hopefully) turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. And equally hopefully get me in shape to do a few half marathons and chase those sub-two-hour times again. Today was the third week we did it and I went 8.6 miles. Which was a great run and kicked my butt at the same time.

I love it.

Thanks, K2. You’re the best.

September 28th 2007

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Thanks for the nice comments – both here and in email. They really help me to put things in perspective.

One thing the girls do really impresses me (well, many things do, but this one I want to talk about today). They have really started to pick up on being polite. Saying “pease” and “bidde” may still only happen in 50% of the cases without reminding, but “tank-uh” and “danku” (sometimes hard to tell apart) come quite consistently – and even cuter, when you thank them for something, they’ll say “you’re well-come”.

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September 27th 2007
Mixed feelings

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This has been a hard couple of weeks for me. Of course I knew that things wouldn’t always just be sunshine and happiness (hey, we’ve had many – many – tough nights to know that). But the plethora of not so great little pieces of news has hit me harder than I expected.

So it seems the girls are behind in their ability to articulate words. We sort of knew that and I kept saying that it wasn’t that unexpected for bilingual twins, but we have reached a point where we’ll ask for a professional evaluation. One of the things that we suspect might have something to do with it is that they still have their binkies for bed time. So we tried ending that. Bad plan. They were terrified. Screaming. Not temper tantrum screaming. Seriously terrified screaming. So we’ll slow down on that front.

Speaking of slowing down, potty training is going absolutely nowhere. Quite the contrary, successes are fewer and fewer. They basically refuse to even sit down on the potty and try (the picture below not withstanding – there they are watching a potty movie; our latest attempt to get them interested).

And on top of that, H2 has been having issues with kicking at daycare and as of the last couple of days she even started to hit other kids. Also the consensus is that she is behind developmentally and that part of the reason might be that S2 keeps trying to “help” her and thereby stops H2 from trying many of the things she should be trying…


Current plan of action is to put the two of them in different classrooms. S2 will move up to the next class next week. The hope is that there she’ll get more stimulation and more kids around her who use the potty, speak well and are overall ahead of her. And that H2 will no longer have S2 around and hopefully will thrive as well. This technique worked in swimming class (where H2 very quickly caught up with S2 once we had them in two different classes for a few weeks).

Anyway – as I said, all this is pretty hard for me. Which at some level feels silly – they are great kids and none of this is terrible. But still, I feel very odd about all this.

With all the travel and other distractions I have taken hardly any pictures the last couple of months. And I am behind updating the picture a month gallery. I’ll try to do it this weekend. Below two shots from today. I will forever be sad that the second one is out of focus. The girls, on the other hand, might be very happy about this a few short years from now…

H2 and S2 on the sofaH2 and S2 on their… thrones?

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September 25th 2007
The things they do

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They love each other. They look out for each other. They bring each other stuffed animals if one is crying or upset.

And they have a strong sense of “better you then me”. For example if they don’t want your “help” when brushing teeth and each tells you to help her sister instead.

They say four and five word sentences, but still don’t articulate very well (or, to be less nice about it, are still extremely hard to understand unless you happen to know what they want to tell you).

They can stay dry for 12+ hours. But most days they still flat out refuse to go on the potty. Instead they find ways to “do their stuff” while in diapers.

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