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February 28th 2008
No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet…

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It just felt that way.

I was running a conference at work this week and that truly sucked me away from anything else, email, blogging, everything.

I’m back (the girls and the pets approve) and hope that things will turn back to normal tomorrow.

February 24th 2008
Let’s play outside

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It was once again a surprising day of sunshine in Portland, so of course all of us (including our good friend Denise) went outside to play. The girls are getting so independent. It’s very hard to convince them to stay with us when walking on the street towards the park – here you see them holding hands with each other and then telling us to wait and keep a distance…

S2 and H2 running holding handsH2 tells us to wait

The girls were just adorable as always. Even the cut on her eyebrow that S2 suffered in the 6th round against Hollifield (or was it a fall on the playground yesterday where she managed to hit her head on the swing? I don’t remember right now) doesn’t stop her from being just cute (I do sound like a proud father sometimes, don’t I?).


The playground is a good place to burn off some extra energy. For example racing around the merry-go-round. Or playing together in (not on) the car-tire swing.

H2 chasing the merry-go-roundH2 and S2 chasing the merry-go-roundS2 and H2 in the tire swing

And finally, a few pictures of Reggie and Valery, our newest family member that show that she’s maybe a wee bit more, err, massive than him. Notice the different “ground clearance” and “width”… But if you look at her face you’ll see that she’s actually a very pretty girl!

Valery and ReggieReggie and ValeryReggie and Valery

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February 23rd 2008
Thirty Months

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It’s hard to believe. And I know, I say this every time I post about how long the girls have been home. But today we have been a family for 30 months, two and a half years. Just amazing.

You can see plenty of pictures from back then if you look at the old posts from our China trip. And for comparison, here are a couple of pictures from today.


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February 22nd 2008
I have a big nose

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Lately I’ve been hearing this a lot. One of our ways to show each other our love is to “do a beep“. That means to touch the tips of your noses together – and say “beep”.

For a few weeks now, almost every time we do this, H2 or S2 will say “Papa has big nose”. Thanks, kiddos. I know.

In other news, the girls have been sleeping without a pacifier for a week now. They still seem to sleep a little less deeply (and S2 has an amazing tendency to move around and end up in odd places – without ever waking up), but they don’t really complain about the lack of their formerly favorite objects anymore. Good.

Potty training is also going well. Both wake up dry nearly 100% of the time (I think I have seen one wet overnight diaper in the last three weeks). Both are doing #2 in the potty (S2 much more consistently than H2), both are fairly good staying dry and in the same clothes all day (again, with H2 a little more likely to forget and pee in her pants – or on her brand new shoes that she had been wearing for a total of about 20 minutes at that time).

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