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March 31st 2008
Bad nights

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Things were going well in early January and I posted about them. So now I guess I need to update the story…

The girls still go to bed very well. We have a routine, but it’s ok to deviate. Others can put them to bed. As long as a few key things are done (they want to drink water right before going to sleep – it’s crazy, I know, but hey, they are dry in the morning… also, S2 insists every evening on “big open!” – which means she wants the door to the room to stay wide open…), things are really easy.

But sleeping through the night is what still doesn’t happen. Whether they are screaming (especially S2, lately) and you actually need to get them to wake up in order for them to settle down, or whether they roll off their mattresses and whine, or whether it’s just a general unrest… they simply still don’t sleep.

I’m sure many of you will think “oh, you are doing this wrong” and I’m sure we are. But trust me, we’ve tried a lot of things. I guess they’ll sleep through the night by middle-school, right?

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March 30th 2008
Spring cleanup – part II

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Ok, here it is, the new design I’ve been working on for a few days (and thinking about for quite a while).

No more Javascript top menu (that got too short for the archives and hid the pages, including the popular Picture a Month Gallery from easy view). Direct access to all tags, categories and the archives from the sidebar. Nice little drop shadows around the pictures. Lots of small little changes here and there and everywhere.

Let me know what you think!

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March 28th 2008
Spring cleanup

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Ok, this is the first step to a new look. I wanted to wait and do the design changes and the new banner at the same time, but K2 and Denise “convinced” me to change the banner right away. So here you have it!

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March 28th 2008
This is what I did this morning

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Day 9 of spring continues to bring us somewhat surprising weather. The girls were all excited when they saw the “snowmen” this morning and kept talking about the “snowmen” during breakfast (and I cannot convince them that it’s “snow” or “Schnee”). So I did what seemed to make the most sense: I walked with them to school! K2 was kind enough to brave the cold in order to take a few pictures.

I added a shot of the backyard just to show how much snow is coming down (since the snow hasn’t started to stick on the roads, yet).

snow in the backyardH2 peeks out from her umbrellaH2, Papa and S2 in the snow

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