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April 27th 2008
Your foot is ok, honey…

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H2 in heelsIf there ever was a question if H2’s foot is ok, I have proof that she at least doesn’t think so. This morning H2 found some “princess shoes” that K2 bought for the girls a while ago and then had hidden from them. And H2 didn’t hesitate one second. cute shoesShe grabbed them, put them on, and started to strut around. Has she been watching Project Runway when I wasn’t looking?

S2 in heelsS2 of course wanted to wear the shoes as well. And put on a show for the camera.

H2 waiting at the doorLater the girls were getting ready to go to the playground (first time we tried S2’s fever came back and she got very sad – so we came back pretty quickly; the second attempt was timed better and worked very well). The girls have grown so much that the spring dresses are micro-mini, but together with some pants they still look cute.

H2 ready to playS2 ready to playAfter the playground we even managed a trip to the bookstore before the batteries on S2 ran low. We still hope that she’ll feel better, soon, but the crash after we came home still was pretty bad again. The fever went up, the ear started hurting, she didn’t want to eat. So I gave her another round of medicine, including the antibiotic she’s on. And about an hour later you could literally watch her feel better.

H2 in the bathtubBed time tonight was interesting. Since I was at the end of my mental capacity for three year olds (or most human interactions), K2 took over and serialized things for a change. First a bath for S2. Then a bath for H2 (where this picture came from); then bed time. Then the girls wanted more food (and since S2 hadn’t eaten much all day, K2 happily obliged); then brushing teeth again; then bed time again.

But in the middle of all this K2 asked me upstairs to take a few pictures of H2 in the bathtub… H2 might hate me for this picture in 12 years, but right now… I think it’s priceless.

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April 27th 2008

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Thanks everyone for commenting, sending emails and calling… here’s an update on the cupcakes.

H2 is doing very well. She has a big bruise on her foot and a cut on her toe, but most of the time that doesn’t seem to bother her at all. Every once in a while she’ll point out that she has an ouwee (how do you spell this? in German I’d spell Au-ie. It’s what the girls say when something hurts them). But most of the time she just as always.

Things with S2 are a little more complicated. When her fever is down (thanks to Motrin and Tylenol) she is doing well. If we time a meal correctly, she’ll eat. She’ll run around, play, everything. But once the medicine wears off and the fever comes back, she’s pretty miserable. We timed dinner badly last night and she didn’t eat and almost threw up (she actually spit up a few cc). Thankfully she is drinking plenty and we have no signs of dehydration. So she’s hanging in there, I guess.

How are the parents? Thank you for asking. They are really miserable. Two nights in a row with practically no sleep (no more than 30 minutes in a row, that’s for sure) are more than it takes to knock me out. And K2 isn’t feeling any better…

April 25th 2008
Not a good day

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And it was supposed to be such a great day – play-date in the morning and two of their favorite people visiting later in the day…

But it didn’t work out that way.

Last night S2 woke up several times, sounding more and more pitiful. Around 1am she was really awake and started to breath fast and shallow and sounded very congested; we gave her Benadryl. A while later she started telling us that her head hurt and around 2am we gave her Motrin. Around 3am she finally went back to sleep – her sister woke up at 5:45am. Great.

When S2 finally woke up two hours later she was clearly running a fever and complained about pain in her ear. So I took her to the doctor. They flushed both ears with large amounts of a watered down hydro-peroxide solution. S2 was amazingly patient, but after the 16th or 17th syringe of that solution was squeezed into her ear she was done – upset and crying. The physician finally declared that the right ear (which was the one that was bugging her) was clean enough and that he could clearly see that it was infected. He prescribed ear drops to numb the pain and antibiotics.

We went back home (preschool was closed today and K2 had arranged a play-date with one of their best friends from class) and I rushed to catch a few meetings I had to attend. By the time I reappeared Georgia and her mom were gone, S2 was napping and H2 was not. But S2 didn’t sleep very long, either (she had been dozing off a couple of times earlier) and we played for a while and another friend came for a visit, Grandma Joan (the mother of a very good friend of ours). S2 was feeling pretty good and everyone (but me – I had some more work to do) went to the playground.

Later in the afternoon we had our third visitor – auntie Denise, who initially was supposed to babysit the girls so that K2 and I could go out for dinner. S2 was feeling worse again, so I was sitting with her in the living room, Denise was playing with H2 in the kitchen and K2 was cooking. Suddenly I hear a loud CLANG, and H2 started screaming. Not crying. SCREAMING. 109dB. All out.

A full-sized milk pot (real kitchen size, not a toy) that the girls often play with for pretend-cooking had fallen off their arts table and hit her foot, right on and above the pinky-toe. She was bleeding and the tow started swelling. Attempts to apply an ice-pack didn’t really help, any touch made the screaming worse. After a few minutes I tried to call the hospital but was put on hold for what seemed forever, so K2 took her to the emergency room.

That was almost three hours ago. It’s now 9pm and they still aren’t back. K2 called and told me that the resident who saw H2 thinks that the toe isn’t broken, but that they still needed to see the attending physician. I’ll update this later with the final results.

Not a good day.

Update: they came back home after 10pm. H2 is ok, no bone appears broken. They did not take X-rays, so this is based on manual palpation of the foot, but the attending physician was fairly certain that she was right. That’s some really good news for a change.

April 24th 2008
Just a picture

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S2I took a few pictures today in order to be able to update the Picture a Month Gallery. And after H2 ran away I took a few more portraits of S2. I used an off-camera flash with a reflective umbrella to create the very soft directional light on her face and a relatively large aperture to make sure the background is out of focus…

I think this is one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken…

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