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May 26th 2008
Sometimes you just get lucky

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PricelessI take lots of pictures of the girls. And I love playing with off-camera light. Everyone who reads this blog has figured that out by now.

Still, sometimes I sit down in the evening and look at the pictured and am just awed. Awed how cute they are and how sweet they are with each other. And awed how lucky we are as a family. And awed how lucky I sometimes am as photographer.

I submit the picture to the right as proof for that statement.

I have a few more that I want to share – just so that the post isn’t too short.

Also another update on the girls – all seems to be well. H2 had a nasty cough last night but our fears of an infection seemed to have been premature. She complained about ear pain in the morning but hasn’t been coughing (and has repeatedly responded “no” when asked if her ears hurt). And they continue to think that we are pretty darn loud…

Our backsides are pretty, tooSister loveH2 is so cute...and S2 is cute, too

May 25th 2008
Oregon Coast

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As I mentioned, I did another photo safari yesterday, this time to the Oregon coast. Lots of fun, lots of fresh air, a surprising amount of sun and lots of great pictures.


Mist over the riverLoneliness

Breaking freeOne is different

Structure in the woodA ship sets sailRock

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May 23rd 2008
Here’s what we learned the last two weeks

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Not only was today the day of their surgery, today was also the sad day that Oma, Opa and Nico went back home. The girls are very sad about that and kept asking for them. I’m sure we’ll hear this many more times over the next few days.

After the surgery they almost immediately felt well but just in case, we still did a very relaxed day with them. Lots of snuggles, lots of play, more than their usual share of TV. And (based on their request for “Mac and Cheese OUTSIDE” (which is their way of saying “at a restaurant”)) we went out to dinner with them. They were simply amazing. All day. The only thing they kept complaining about all day was that everything was TOO LOUD. Emptying the dishwasher. Talking on the phone. Dropping something. Dogs barking. The noise level at the restaurant. Everything was way too loud. I take this as a good sign for the efficacy of the surgery.

After we came back from dinner they did this tribute to Oma and Opa. For those of you who don’t have German family members – this is a bit hard to explain. It’s a song that you sing when playing a specific game with them that Oma and Opa played with them a lot.


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May 23rd 2008
Newsflash: all is well

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We’re back home, both girls are happy. More later.

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