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June 30th 2008
We got a painting

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Tracie Nole-Ross\' painting of the H2 and S2K2 and I are very excited – we asked Tracie Noles-Ross to do a painting of our girls. And last week it finally arrived. Tracie works from pictures that you send her – plus stories and anecdotes that you provide. And anyone who has followed along with our adventures here in the past will agree that she has captured much of the essence of our cupcakes.

One thing that is special about this painting is that it actually is two paintings – so each of our daughters will have her own half to keep.

The girls like the painting. They talk about it, they are interested. But you want to know what really really excited them? The packing material that the painting was shipped in. Enjoy.

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June 30th 2008
A picture of me

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Papa (as drawn by H2)This morning H2 was drawing on her little drawing pad. And then she said “I drew picture of Papa!”. So here it is, the first time that one of my daughters drew a person. ME!

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June 28th 2008

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The weather is just weird. We had almost no spring. It’s either gray-in-gray and not very warm. Or it’s sunny and within days gets brutally hot. Last week was really nice, lots of sun, not too hot, just perfect. But Friday was already getting very warm and today was just sizzling (and tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same). 98F (37°C) and rather humid. Just right for an iguana, I guess. Not so good for me.

My brain turns to mush, I get testy and impatient and grumpy. Not exactly ideal Papa (or husband) material… I notice it myself, but it feels like I’m incapable to do something about it. I try. And I tend to fail. Not good.

H2 and S2 on the Learning TowerThe girls, on the other hand, are dealing much better with the heat. They actually asked to play on the playground this afternoon, even though the temperature hadn’t gone down one bit! But let’s start at the beginning…

In the morning S2 and H2 love to help me make lattes for the grownups. And since we saw the Learning Tower at the Salsa family we new we had to get one as well – yesterday it arrived! Here you see it in use with the girls eagerly awaiting my return.

H2The first thing on the agenda was the annual “picnic in the park” of our adoption agency, Holt International. Lots of families with children adopted from all over the world (and a few adult adoptees as well) got together in Washington Park; we all brought pot luck and it turned into a wonderful big party. It was fun, but too hot. You can almost see the heat in H2’s face here. S2 and K2S2 and K2 on the other hand seem to enjoy things. Honestly, I can’t explain it. We only lasted for two hours and then packed our picnic basket and blankets and moved on. It was simply getting too hot.

Once we got home (the girls actually napped in the car) we set up a sprinkler in the backyard and after a short period of “I don’t wanna” the girls spent an hour playing in the water… In some ways this was the best part of the day – watching them just soak in the joy was priceless.

H2 and S2 getting sprinkledH2 and S2 analyzing the sprinkler

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June 26th 2008
Ready to move up

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It’s time to move up the next classroom again at the girls’ preschool, and boy are they ready this time. All of their friends have moved up over the last six to eight weeks and they are now the oldest ones in their room, the only ones who are truly potty trained, etc. And they are clearly frustrated and bored by the situation. Some days are better (today), some days are worse (yesterday). Some days it is H2, some days it is S2. But it’s just one more day and on Monday they’ll move to the new classroom. We’re all very excited about that.

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