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July 31st 2008
I miss my girls

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And I don’t know if these videos help (they make me smile) or hurt (as I miss playing with them even more).

I’ll fly back home on Friday, but I’ll be back here several more times over the next few months. So my travel load will go up quite a bit. And anyone who has followed along here knows that that’s not good news.

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July 29th 2008

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Just a few quick impressions.

If you earn dollars, this is one of the most painful places in the world to go to. Everything is outrageously expensive. A quick hop on the tube (London’s subway) to avoid the traffic gridlock? £4 (or US$ 8). A venti latte at Starbucks? £2.80 (or US$ 5.60). A cab ride downtown from the airport? £62 (US$ 124). My hotel room? Let’s not go there. But I’ve paid less than what I pay here for a night for a week in San Francisco.

People here are confused. They drive on the left. They walk on the left inside buildings but mostly on the right outside of buildings. Please, make up your mind.

There are closed circuit cameras everywhere. And I mean everywhere. If you are in central London, turn around and pay attention, you’ll usually be able to see three or four cameras in your vicinity.

But there are great things to be said about London as well. Amazing buildings and historical sights. Running along the Thames in the morning is just glorious. From Blackfriars to Westminster (and Big Ben), across the river to the South Bank and all the way back past London Bridge to the Tower Bridge. Gorgeous. Mind you, slow runners (which I think would be anyone running about an 8 minute mile or slower) need to be careful they aren’t in the way of the real runners. Most of which have huge backpacks on their backs. It took me a while to figure this one out. These are people who are running to work. They have their clothes for the day in the backpack (and remember, this is not a dress-down city). I guess they must have showers at work (at least I hope so). And they avoid city traffic and insane fares for public transport by running instead. No wonder they are so fast…

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July 25th 2008
We are open for endorsement deals

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In case Horizon Organic is interested, we would consider an endorsement. I mean, assuming the stars of the show are ok with the terms of the deal. Hint: it should include lots of free vanilla milk!

S2 with her vanilla milkH2 with her vanilla milk

We once again went to Starbucks and then to the playground. The girls love it. What can I say:

H2 pushes S2S2 pushes H2

One of the latest achievements is that they push each other on the swing – most of the time without causing injury to themselves, there sister or innocent bystanders.

The day ended with another movie night with popcorn and pajamas. This looks to become a regular event. The girls certainly seem to love it.

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July 25th 2008
Sorry for the unannounced break

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No, we didn’t disappear. I am just insanely busy at work right now. There’s a conference in town that is closely related to my work, so that is filling my days (and evenings), and to make matters worse I’ll be leaving for London on Sunday and be gone all week.

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