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August 31st 2008
More London Running

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For reasons that are a little hard to explain on this third trip to London in 5 weeks I ended up in the third hotel. The first two were close to the Thames (and I actually am changing hotels again today to return to the second hotel that I stayed at, the Hilton Tower Bridge), but for the first half of this trip I ended up staying right by Green Park instead.

Hyde Park RunOne advantage of this is the fact that I got to run around Hyde Park. And when I say “around” that is literally what I mean. A loop around the park is a little less than 4 miles. On the longest run so far this week I even added a little loop around Green Park as well, all the way down to Buckingham Palace (in the lower right corner of the picture). As usual – click on the picture to enlarge it.

Btw: nice digs. But the lawn care seems to make this a bit too expensive for my taste.

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August 30th 2008
Guess where I am…

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London at night (c) Jason HawkesWhile I may wish that the picture to the right was one that I took, in a way I am happy it isn’t. The photographer (Jason Hawkes – he has lots more awesome pictures on his site) actually was strapped in a harness on the outside of a helicopter. That might be a little more than I’m willing to do for a great picture. But it is one of the greatest pictures of London I have seen in a long time.

So yes, I’m back in London. I left the day after we came back from the wonderful weekend in the Bay Area. And have been here since then and will be here for almost another week. It’s the longest I’ve ever been away from my family. And as much as I enjoy the trip (absolute highlight so far was the musical Hairspray last night – if you get anywhere near London, you have got to see it), I frequently fall into a slump and just miss them. Even my coworkers have noticed.

I love my job, and the project I’m on right now is really rewarding. But the amount of travel and time away from home that it brings is a bit much, even for me.

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August 24th 2008
Final installment

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Ok, one more set of pictures from this trip. Today the morning started with making waffles. Rod may have helped just a little bit, but in reality the work was done by the girls… then we went to a park where the girls got to ride in a real steam train. The one thing that they didn’t like was the noise, but the ride they loved.

Ree, Ro, S2 and H2 making waffle batterThe steam trainRee, Rod and Ro on the trainH2 (avoiding the noise), S2 and K2

The four of them once again played a lot together (no time to look and pose for the photographer). And requested a special treat. They wanted to ride together in the same car. So we obliged and put all four car seats into the Salsa van. The quality of the picture is disappointing – but I think it’s worth posting, anyway.

Four friends in the sandRo, Ree, S2 and H2 in the van

And at the risk of sounding too competitive… I now have posted five times while we were here… whereas M3 has posted… well, at the time of this post, not at all…

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August 24th 2008
More pictures with the Salsa Twins

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So M3’s mother was complaining that she doesn’t get to see enough pictures of Ro and Ree. And since we are the reason that M3 is behind… I figured I might as well make up for her…

Ro and Ree driving race carsS2 and H2 with Ree in the strollerRo cooling off a boo-boo (that actually was on her forehead)Ro and Ree with M3K2 running with Ro and ReeLet’s see. We start with Ro and Ree driving race cars and then S2 and H2 pushing Ree around Casa Salsa in a stroller. Next we have a shot of Ro cooling off a boo-boo with lots of ice. Only problem is that the boo-boo was on her forehead and not on her cheeks. Next we have the Salsa Twins climb on M3 and finally K2 running as fast as she can to give them a thrill ride.

But let’s face it, this blog is mostly about my twins… so here are two more pictures of them. The face paint was done at Gilroy Gardens. And H2’s excitement about being a tiger is still present today!

H2 as a tigerS2 with "birdie wings"

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