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September 30th 2008

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We’re in Mexico. A vacation. A real vacation. What a concept.

We love our trips to Germany or to Disneyland or to the Bay Area. But they are trips and not really a vacation.

This, on the other hand, promises to be a real vacation. With a beach, a few pools, free food, drink, entertainment (ok, expensive internet) and most importantly with child care! So not only do the girls get to have fun – Mama and Papa get a break, too!

We arrived around 5pm today and so far the girls have been swimming twice. The only reason we were able to get them out of the pool a little after 8pm was that H2 had to go potty… Overall they give us every indication of loving this place. They love their own room – we have sort of a suite, called a “Family Room” with two connected rooms, one of which is designed for kids – including little desks for them, a children’s book that’s a gift for us, groovy beds, colorfull painting on the wall, etc. They love the buffet. They love the warm weather (and contrary to me don’t mind the 90+% humidity).

They seem very happy. And tomorrow they get to go to the Mini-Club and play with other kids, play mini-golf, play in the pool, do a cooking class, do art. When the schedule was explained to us K2 said “I want to go to the Mini-Club, too!”. And the parents get to do… nothing. Or whatever we feel like. At least for a while. And then we’ll pick up the girls and have a family vacation.

In case you can’t tell: I’m excited.

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September 28th 2008
Monkey girl

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This was another first… the first time ever that S2 did the monkey bar on her own!1

S2 was very proud of herself (understandably, I think) and repeated the feat another six times. H2 tried as well but only made it to the second bar and then got stuck. S2 then ran to her and tried to help. Telling her what to do, holding H2’s feet – it was really sweet.

Once H2 gave up she instead hung upside down on the slanted bars – something that S2 can’t do. Everyone had fun at the playground today.

1 The video is from the second time that she did it – and it’s interrupted in the middle since the silly cell phone can only take 18 seconds of video! But there’s only about a couple of seconds missing. The phone was purchased for some of its data connection features instead of its capabilities as a video camera, so the quality is terrible. But I think the event itself is sufficiently documented with this.

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September 27th 2008
Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

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These days, when I’m actually home with my family, I try to do as much as possible with them. So needless to say, when K2 suggested that all of us should go to Oregon Flock and Fiber I thought this was a great idea!

Oregon Flock and Fiber is an event at the Clackamas Fairgrounds that brings together knitters who like wool from animals – and the animals the wool is made from.

H2 is having funS2 is taking in her surroundingsThe girls were excited about the idea of seeing sheep and goats. Actually seeing them was less exciting (to tell the truth, H2 got scared and S2 wasn’t really thrilled, either). Mostly I think the sheep and goats were too loud. The rabbits and alpaca were a much better attraction. The girls were even willing to pet them!

S2 and H2, looking at rabbitsS2 and H2 looking at alpacas

S2 at the wheel, H2 riding shotgunSince only one of the four of us is an avid knitter, the patience for shopping and browsing was a little un-evenly distributed. So much so that I decided to take the girls to the car and ended up going to a playground nearby in order to give K2 a chance to get some browsing and shopping in. But before we went to the playground we first had some snack in the car. That’s where the picture to the right was taken. No, the underage drivers never left the parking lot – no worries. Oh, and S2 couldn’t have reached the pedals, anyway… but she was excited to pretend to drive – and H2 was thrilled to sit in the front seat.

After that we went home, I took the girls swimming, and then we played some more in the house. No nap and an exciting day made the evening a little more challenging than we really would have preferred, but on the plus side the girls were so tired that we have some hope that they might sleep well tonight.

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September 22nd 2008
Gone again

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After two wonderful weeks at home where I got to enjoy the girls – even though work was crazy-busy – I’m gone again. Guess where… yep, in London…

But the good news this time: it’s only 5 days, and next week the four of us will fly to Mexico for a week on the beach. Even better, a week at a Club Med that is designed for families with little kids. K2 and I are very excited. The girls are puzzled (“the beach” to them is a day trip in the car and it’s cold there… this will be a little different).

I took some pictures on Sunday before leaving, but didn’t get to post them – instead we all went to visit our good friends Angela and Marcello at the hospital; and I got to hold their 24 hours old daughter Sofía (spelling corrected – thanks Angela) in my arms. Pretty amazing. She’s so tiny. And SO CUTE.

H2 and S2 were at first very exited to meet the baby. But then I think they got a little bored. What’s all the fuzz about someone who doesn’t even open her eyes to say Hi and that you aren’t allowed to play with? But they were good girls and waited patiently for the grownups to get done uh-ing and ah-ing over the baby.

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