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October 26th 2008
Pumpkin Patch

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S2 and H2 at the pumpkin patchI will risk the charge that I may be overcompensating here… but hey, I haven’t posted pictures in such a long time, and the weather was perfect, and the girls were happy and had a great time… and anyway, it’s my blog, so I get to make the rules.

We went to the Plumper Pumpkin Patch today. Which turns out to be the very same farm where we got our very first family Christmas tree almost three years ago!

As you can tell from the picture to the right, the girls approved (even though they clearly had no memory of the last time we were here.

We did some of the traditional fun things you are supposed to do when at a pumpkin patch. For example goofy pictures.

S2, H2 and K2 in a pumpkinH2 and S2 as farm kids

Of course, H2 and S2 got to pick their own pumpkins. And with some teamwork they even got to carry them!

H2 and S2, picking their pumpkinsmaking sure the pumpkins don't get awaytogether we can do it

Another highlight was the pony ride! The girls are really into horses these days and were thrilled.

S2 on her ponyH2 on her pony

And after all this excitement, we got to have lunch “outside” (which is what the girls call it when we eat at a restaurant, even if we actually sit inside). And right now the girls like to draw with crayons. And actually they were into being well behaved all morning. What a pleasure.

S2 drawing before lunchH2 drawing before lunch

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October 26th 2008
The missing pictures

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S2 and H2 help Mama cookSo yes, I realize, very few of you are coming here for my brilliant prose. That’s ok, I understand. What you really are coming here for are the pictures. More specifically, the pictures of the girls!

These are a few days old, they were taken Wednesaday – see my previous post, I simply didn’t get around to post them.

You’ll notice that S2 (in stripes) shows no signs of being sick. The miracle of good drugs, I guess. I have a few more pictures that show her when she was really miserable, just a few days later… but then I didn’t want to post those.

S2 and one of her stuffiesH2 is happy

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October 26th 2008
No time to post

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I’m back home. When I arrived Wednesday, S2 was sick – and she has stayed sick the rest of the week, finally having her first good night last night; before that every night (and several times every day) her fever would spike and she’d have terrible headaches – so bad that they made her cry.

To make matters worse, Thursday afternoon K2 managed to really hurt herself – she split open her forehead on a corner of the dining room table. It bled so badly that I had to take her to the doctor. They could not put stitches in due to the shape of the wound, so it was glued shut. K2 had been feeling achy since then (no big surprise).

The good news for the week? Oma’s surgery went very well, her gall bladder has been removed and it looks like she’ll be released from hospital again today.

October 20th 2008

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London Bridge in the morningI finally found some time to look at some of the pictures I took last week. Many I liked, but a few I definitely wanted to share.

The first one to the right to me is very much my impression of mornings in the Financial District in London. There’s no way to take the car to work. So most people take public transit. And an amazing number of people don’t mind walking to save themselves another change of trains. So what you see here is the packed sidewalk of London Bridge – people walking from the South Bank side (where the London Bridge rail station is) to the Financial District.

Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's CathedralThe next picture is also typical London for me. The futuristic Millennium Bridge (also called Wobbly Bridge, even though it doesn’t wobble anymore, at all) and St Paul’s Cathedral behind it. The way old and new coexist and are part of the architecture and scenery in London is very impressive. Not always pretty, but still.

Most mornings I ran across this foot bridge to the North Bank – I’ve posted a map of a typical London run before. The river crossing right in the center – that’s Millennium Bridge.

Surprisingly for many London visitors, the Thames displays some rather significant tides. The water rises and falls 5-7m (or 16-23 ft) twice a day. And at low tide you can actually climb down into the riverbed (right at Millennium bridge and the Shakespeare Globe Theater). That’s where the picture above of the Millennium Bridge and St. Paul’s was taken. And that’s where the next two pictures are from, the Bankside sign that is actually partially submerged during high tide. I love the colors and texture…

BanksideNature's colors

Finally, two pictures taken yesterday on the way from London to Taipei. The first one is a shot through the breathtaking windows at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, the other one is a view of the storm coming into Bangkok from above, a few minutes after take-off.

Clouds through the windowStorm from above

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