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November 29th 2008
Another Portland-at-Night Photo Workshop

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I’ve done this workshop with Peter Schütte once before last March; it’s about teaching you to see more and to pay more attention to the sights at night. This time around I spent less time trying to take pictures of Portland and more time trying to take interesting and unexpected pictures. And I had lots of fun doing that.

Portland at nightLook at the picture to the left with that in mind. I like the way you can kind of tell what it is (especially if you’ve seen a few pictures of Portland’s skyline at night). Yet it’s unexpected and the colors to me are just gorgeous.

do not misbehave in PortlandThe next picture pushes that even further. The colors clearly have become extreme (no, it’s not that blue here, really) and mostly serve as a contrast to the sign. In order for this to make sense you have to know that Portland is actually quite a liberal city – so this list of things that you aren’t allowed to do feels quite odd (even though I’m sure that it’s accurate).

Willamette at nightFrom there we go to even more of seeing just colors, not concrete things. Can you even tell what you are looking at? It’s a pole of one of the boat landings with the river behind it. The colors come from the reflection of Portland’s lights.

Boats on the riverBut not everything I’ve done is just painting with colors. I have taken a few more concrete pictures as well. Like this picture of dragon boats on the river. If you go back to the post about the first time I took this workshop, you’ll see that there used to be only two of these boats docked at that spot; and that I really like the way the water and the boats look in that light.

Trees in front of a brick wallAnother very “real” shot I have here is of the brick wall and trees behind an empty parking lot that was actually behind us – everyone else was looking in the opposite directions, taking pictures of Portland’s skyline.

But my favorite picture of the night was something that literally came to me at the very end of the evening when I got tired of looking into the distance. The Benson Bubblers are one of the local oddities that are so quintessential Portland to me. Benson BubblerAnd I found a way to light them that made them just glow in the picture. This is a four second exposure of a bubbler in a rather dark spot just north of the Hawthorne bridge. I triggered the shutter with a little wireless remote while standing behind the bubbler, just outside the frame with a flashlight lighting them from behind. I’ll admit that I am really proud of this picture, and although it wasn’t exactly part of the curriculum of the workshop, I think it qualifies as “paying attention to what you see and how you can compose it for a picture”.

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November 29th 2008
The missing turkey picture

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21 pounds of free range turkeyK2 of course is right. I did take a picture of the turkey. Here it is, just to show you how well we were feasting…

As is Thanksgiving tradition there were tons of left overs. There actually still are. So we are still enjoying this bird.

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November 27th 2008

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We didn’t pardon the turkey. Instead we (actually, our good friend Judie) cooked the whole 21 pounds of it. And (together with Denise and Judie and Bill) created enough food for approximately two dozen people and then all together (with the help of our two four-year-olds) tried to make a dent in it. Not a chance, of course. But trying was fun. And the food was absolutely delicious. The turkey was moist and yummy, the sides were enjoyable, from brussle sprouts to mashed potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes to beans and rolls. And the somewhat off-putting looking Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish to everyone’s surprise was simply perfect with the turkey. You’ve gotta try this with your next turkey feast!

The girls were thrilled to have auntie Denise to play with (poor Denise pretty much got monopolized by them) and had fun talking to Bill and Judie. H2 actually got really talkative and had all kinds of stuff she wanted to tell Bill… I can’t remember either of them ever being so outgoing with someone they don’t meet all the time.

It was great to have a party and some special friends as guests at our house. Let’s do this again!

November 26th 2008
You can’t pose pictures like this

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S2 and H2 in their princess dressesI tend to strongly dislike pictures that have been posed. I always have. And now that the girls are getting older, they are starting to do a very artificial grin when someone asks them to smile for the camera. So now more than ever the pictures that I love are the ones where they aren’t “preforming for the camera” but I just happen to catch them doing something.

And frankly with these pictures, there’s no way I could have gotten them to pose like this. I just got incredibly lucky, I guess.

The one on the right is from a couple of days ago when I was home alone with them and they were dancing and playing before bed time.

The two below are from today when they decided to snuggle with each other while watching an episode of Sesame Street on TiVo…

S2 and H2 on the sofaS2 and H2 snuggling

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