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January 31st 2009
Non-stop action

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I can confirm that two sets of twins are more work than one set of twins… but I guess you all knew that.

S2 and H2 in dress-up night gownsOur day started (as usual) very early. H2 was up at 5:30, S2 a few minutes later. We kept them in bed till 6am (“it’s not morning, yet” is a very common phrase in our house) and then I went downstairs for some quiet playtime. Once Ro and TubaDad came downstairs (see below – Ro wasn’t sure she was awake, yet), H2 and S2 wanted dress up clothes – and Mama gave them old night gowns of hers. The effect was rather cute. S2 is pretending to be a bird, btw…

Ro isn't quite awake yetWe kept things fairly relaxed in the morning (ignoring the energy of the two twin tornadoes) and went to Burgerville for lunch (something that isn’t available in Northern California where the Salsas are from). Unfortunately H2 didn’t feel to great at lunch and then on the way back Ro fell asleep in the car.

S2 on the swingH2 on the swingSince Ree and S2 definitely wanted to go and play, TubaDad and I went to the playground while K2 and M3 stayed with the other two at the house. The playground was a big hit – and soon after we arrived K2 and H2 showed up as well… H2 didn’t feel like napping after all.

Ree on the teeter-totterRee was very excited about the play equipment – it seems that teeter totters and merry-go-rounds are no longer available on playgrounds in California. She really enjoyed balancing on the teeter-totter – and then riding it with S2.

After we went back home, Ree finally went down for her nap and S2 and H2 went to their swimming lesson – Ro went along and watched.

Tons more playing and running and jumping in the afternoon. Then a yummy dinner and bedtime for everyone under four feet. What a great day!

January 30th 2009
Couple more pictures

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Ok, I found F-Spot, which is at least a little better at allowing me to browse the pictures we took… so here are a couple more. The Moms and their twins…

Ro, M3 and ReeH2, K2 and S2

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January 30th 2009
We like twins

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Much to everyone’s excitement, the Salsa Family arrived today. The girls have been asking all week “Ro and Ree come today?” “No dear, Friday”. So finally it’s Friday and we picked them up at the airport – the H2 and S2 were thrilled that Ro and Ree would ride in their car as well!

After a couple of hours of two sets of twins playing in the house I think we were ready to declare this a disaster area… but in a good way. Toys everywhere, girls running around, screaming with joy. And barking dogs in between. It was a zoo. And we loved it.

S2, Ree, Ro and H2 play memoryM3 and I took a few pictures; well maybe more than just “a few”. But since Ree is trying to go to sleep in the OWB right now, I can’t get to the system with Lightroom on it; and much as I love Linux, there’s nothing even remotely comparable to Lightroom available for Linux. So right now I’m back using gimp to try to be able to post at least something here – my apologies if the pictures aren’t up to my normal standard…

Ree, H2, S2 and Ro brushing teethAbove you see the four of them playing memory. To the left they are getting ready for bed and are brushing teeth. Those were about the most tranquil moment so far this afternoon and evening.

It’s just amazing how much the girls play with each other – it’s like they are together all the time, where in reality we see each other only two or three times a year. But the two sets of twins continue right where they left off. It’s so much fun to watch. And S2 and H2 were sharing all of their things with Ro and Ree – it was too cute.

I have tons more pictures – maybe I’ll find time to process them a little later tonight… but I wanted to get this post out as I hear that M3’s Mom is counting on me to get her fix of Ro and Ree pictures…

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January 29th 2009
Any excuse

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I’ll admit it. I’ll use any excuse to take some pictures. Or to post them, for that matter. Today I picked up a loaner camera for the weekend (the Salsa Twins are coming…) and wanted to play around with it for a little while. And what better subjects to take pictures of than S2 and H2.

No special occasion – just an excuse.

S2S2 againH2

S2 and H2 - watching their favorite WigglesOne of my favorites lately - H2 with S2 in the background

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