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March 31st 2009
Not a good week to be in London

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At this point it’s not clear how bad things will get tomorrow, but since our office location is within the financial district (and actually on the map that some protest groups are sharing to coordinate their activities tomorrow) we have decided to ask everyone to work from home – or in my case, from my hotel.

Not exactly what I had in mind. I guess I need to start paying more attention to world politics events when planning my travel… but then again, even if I had hat noticed that the G20 summit was here this week, I still doubt that I would have scheduled things differently.

Let’s hope things stay quiet.

March 29th 2009
Oscar’s first trip to London

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I’ve been here many times – but for Oscar this is all new. He’s waiting for our flight in Portland to get ready. He enjoys the view of San Francisco airport. That’s before the long boring flight to London…

Waiting for our planeSFO

Hyde Parktraveling lightAnd then (somewhat tiredly, I think) he is sitting at our hotel window, overlooking Hyde Park. Oh, and Oscar wants to show off just how light we are travelling. And I’m very glad about that. Makes things so much easier.

It’s Sunday afternoon now – but I’ll head out for a work meeting in a few minutes. It’s going to be a busy week here.

Just talked to K2 at home, she and the girls are up and busy as well. I miss them. A lot.

Friday H2 came running to her Mama and showed her a picture she had drawn.

H2: Mama, I drew picture of you. It looks like cow. But is you!

S2 drew a picture of me and asked me to take it on my trip… they are the sweetest kids.

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March 25th 2009
Another little running post

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5 miles in SFThere are things about San Francisco that I love. One of them is that it’s a great place to run – especially if your hotel is NOT on one of the hills…

This time I stayed at Fisherman’s Wharf (that’s a first and I don’t think I’ll return to that hotel – but that’s a different story) so running was just perfect. Look at the beautiful 5 mile run I did this morning. Absolutely flat, I crossed a total of three streets and the rest was all along the Embarcadero. Just perfect.

And given that this was flat my nice morning run was basically at the same pace as the Shamrock race I did 10 days ago… not sure if I’m happy or sad about that, though.

March 23rd 2009
Oscar and I are traveling again

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Papa at Bay BridgeThe puppy has a name now. It’s Oscar. And we went on the first of four trips that we’ll go on in the next five weeks. So yes, the wonderful time of being home with my family is officially and really over.

I bet you can guess from the picture on the right where we are this week… well, maybe it’s too hard, it’s not one of the ‘typical’ shots… it’s San Francisco, CA!

Oscar and TubaDadNot a bad place to go, really. And it’s even better if you have a chance to hang out with a good friend! TubaDad and I got to spend some time (and dinner) together. Yes, we talked about work – but lots of other things as well. Fun.

The rest of my time here will be less entertainment and more focused on work – but hey, that’s why they call these “business trips”. K2 and the girls had the day off (preschool was closed today) and were having fun in the rain in Portland, so I really shouldn’t complain too much.

Instead I’ll post a couple more pictures from tonight. They were pushing the little Canon point-and-shoot to the brink of its capabilities (Oscar is a little out of focus and there’s some noticeable barrel distortion that I didn’t get to correct as I don’t have full Photoshop on this laptop), but I still think they turned out rather well. I love the one of the restaurant we went to. The colors of the fish tanks inside the restaurant are just really cool…

Bay Bridge at nightOscar at the Bay BridgeGreat view from the inside and the outside

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